Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Congrats to our winner!

Is this fabulous or what? It turns out that our very own reader, Maria S., won second prize in the Safecastle Freedom Award!! How cool is that??

You might remember that Maria wrote a piece called Preparedness for Young People. Don and I both agreed that this was an excellent piece, and we selected it to send to the Safecastle folks for their final round of judging. Opened to a much wider public for voting, Maria won second place! Her prize is an Excalibur 9-tray dehydrator.

Maria and I emailed back and forth this morning, and I told her one of the reasons her essay was so strong was it addressed a very thorny topic in a very practical way. It also differed from the more nuts-and-bolts approach many of the other essays took. All in all, we couldn't be prouder of Maria.

While there is no way we could take even a modicum of credit for Maria's win, I will say this: Rural Revolution's entry was up against some of the biggest prepping blogs out there. Fifteen blogs sponsored essays, and to have Rural Revolution's choice get second price is sort of like a tiny town's high school football team competing against the big urban schools - and showing well.

At any rate, we couldn't be prouder of Maria, and offer her our heartiest congratulations.


  1. Way to go!!

    Congratulations are in order all around!

    A. McSp

  2. Congratulations Maria & Rural-Rev for sponsoring!

  3. Thank you!!

    EXCALIBUR! I got an EXCALIBUR! I did!! And I really wanted it.

  4. And you know what? I honestly thought that MOST of the entries you received here were better than most of the finalists there. Seriously. I think you tend to have a literate, thoughtful readership that perhaps other preparedness blogs don't have.

  5. I was genuinely impressed when I read Maria's essay here on RR!! I have been rooting for her to WIN and she DID!!! Second place is an Outstanding recognition, and welll deserved. CONGRATULATIONS MARIA!!

  6. I voted for Maria's essay too! How exciting! And an EXCALIBER! I've been dreaming of one of those for a long time now. I feel quite certain she will be putting it to good use. A wonderful prize for a deserving essay and author. Congratulations Maria!

  7. Congrats, Maria. Job well done, and a great prize as a reward. That 9-tray Excaliber is supposed to be the best dehydrator available.

    And of course the Don Lewis tankard is the top-of-the-line in drinking vessels, making for another great prize.

    Anonymous Patriot

  8. I thought Maria's essay was excellent and unique, since it addressed an issue you rarely see mentioned. Congratulations, Maria!! Enjoy that dehydrator! :D