Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Thank you!

A few days ago I posted a link to Lehman's featuring an interview with survivalist Britt Ahart.

This morning Mr. Ahart and I received an email from the VP of Marketing at Lehman's: "The story on Britt has been viewed over 500 times in the past few days – that’s great traffic!"

Much of that traffic can be attributed to you, dear readers. Thank you!


  1. Hay it was an interesting story very well written. Thank you

  2. Patrice; I read your recent article for WND titled "8% of America Pushing Us to Civil War." I could have e-mailed you, but I did not want a Microsoft e-mail account to do that, so I found your blog site on your article page.
    Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I agree with your conclusion that the only way out of this predicament that this Nation of ours is in, is another predictable Civil War.
    In fact, the former Commandant of the Air Force Academy and a former Marine Colonel, both at different times, and using different media(one wrote a book, the other wrote an article on a conservative website like you do), have said as much.
    The Commandant said it was inevitable, the Colonel said we needed to mutually agree to split up as a Nation, or we would go into a Civil War, period.
    And , back in 2011, Shaun Hannity said on one of his programs, that because of Barack Obama's war on the Constitution, our freedoms, and Christians, that he believed that 11 states (then), would secede. Many since then have threatened as much. Including South Carolina (the first State to secede in the first Civil War), over the threat of repealing the Second Amendment, during President Trump's first year in office. Now, wouldn't that have been uncanny?
    Moving on, I am not only writing you to agree with you, but to tell you that what you wrote about, a coming second Civil War, is what the Lord God told me to write about in a book, five and one half years ago.
    I finished it three and one half years ago. Unfortunately, no one wanted to publish it(it's still sitting on my flash drive, no place else), because of its message, and me and my wife were in abject poverty through no fault of our own, as we are now. No money, no name , no literary agent, no book published.
    Thomas Nelson contacted me in 2014 about getting it published through their self publishing company(Westwood)first, then they would see how it did, then if it did well, they would offer me a contract. However, there was catch, I had to let them change some things that I had written in the book to conform to their current genre.
    I said no, that God had told me what to write in the book, and I would not change one sentence for all the money in the world. End of negotiations, end of possible author-book publisher relationship.
    I do have a published book though, well self published, that came out in 2007, its on Amazon, it was also on Barnes and Noble for a little while, and was available on Target.com until that company went wicked.
    It was also listed on Baker books,it's still available on Abe books out of the UK, and in 2008 it made it on Christian Post.com as one of the 8 featured books list.
    Oh, by the way, the book's title is "God's Judgment On America, A Call For His Church to Repent." by me, Tim Pyron. God told me to write this Book too. It did not do very well.
    The book that is still sitting on my flash drive is titled, "Mene,Mene,Tekel, The Time Of Our Land Has Come." It speaks, among other things, of the next Civil War that is coming in this Country, and the reasons why it is coming, and why it is inevitable
    If you would like to correspond with me, my e-mail address is Pt04@netzero.net, there is so much more I would like to share with you about the book's message. Either way, thank you for your article and your time

    Thank You

  3. I know it's a small blog, but I would have loved to have read more (I am sure your conversation was longer and more involved). But it was a great article!