Wednesday, May 22, 2019

May flowers

The wildflowers are close to peaking in our neck of the woods. Over the last few days, I've photographed what's currently blooming.

Arrow-leafed balsam root, a large showy flower that likes sunny south slopes.

Arnica, a shade-loving flower, which blooms about the same time as the balsam root.

Nine-leaf biscuit root. It tends to favor rocky south-facing slopes:


Not sure what this one is. I feel I should know it, but it escapes me at the moment. Thoughts?

Mock orange.

Ponderosa pine.

Woodland star.

Checker lily.

Wild strawberry.


And of course...

Just some of the colors of spring around here.


  1. The blue flower looks like camas to me. We have it in our pasture (I'm in Kootenai county)

    1. I agree. I am in Lewis county.

    2. I wanted it add, that the Nezperce tribe harvest the bulb to eat. It is like potato.

  2. Very nice; such beauty and complexity. God is great. Thank you for sharing.
    Montana Guy

  3. I think the purple flower is larkspur. It looks a lot like camas and ookow, but it's a darker purple and usually grows in woodsy areas. Also, the mock orange looks like it's actually serviceberry, which is an earlier bloomer than mock orange. The mock orange in these parts should start blooming in the next few weeks- and it smells amazing! I come from a big family of huge plant nerds, medicinal and otherwise. Fun fact: I spoke with an elder from the Spokane Tribe a few years ago, and he said one of his favorite snacks as a child was the sautéed shoots of the arrowleaf balsam root. Because it grows so plentifully in our area, it was a steady yearly food source. And the arnica you've pictured has some pretty incredible medicinal value. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Larkspur. Your purple flower is larkspur. It's a prolific self seeder. Plant in once in your garden and you'll have tons of it forever!!

    Also comes in pink and white, and purples from dark to barely there, and a kind of more blue than purple.

  5. For livestock ranchers, remember that larkspur is very poisonous to cattle and horses.