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Friday, May 17, 2019

Sweet spring things

A couple of recent "sweet spring things."

Reader Natokadn sent photos of a pretty little filly her horse just had:

All together now: "Awww...."

Then a few days ago, I heard the rumble of a ATV coming up our driveway, driven by a neighbor with his 13-year-old daughter. The daughter jumped off and handed me a little crafted bouquet bearing the motif "Happy spring":

Then she jumped back behind her dad and off they went to visit another neighbor and hand out a little more sunshine.

All together now: "Awww...."

Happy spring.


  1. Awww. I really like spring.

  2. Sah-weet! I love kind little blessings~

  3. Aaaw...couldn't resist, LOL!

  4. Very Nice. Thank you both for sharing.
    Montana Guy