Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Hitting 21

This is Younger Daughter's 21st birthday! Our baby is now a legal adult!

She didn't have any special plans for this event, dismissing it as "no big deal" (it's probably a bigger deal to us than to her). At her current duty station in the Navy, she was already of a legal age to drink; and despite the reputation of sailors to paint the town red, she's usually the one who is told, "Hey Lewis, you're the only sober one here, would you please walk so-and-so-home?"

My hope is she'll celebrate her birthday by hitting the nearest town with friends, getting some good food, having those friends spring a cake on her, and continuing to behave in a sober and responsible way. I don't expect I'll be disappointed.

But we did send her a care package containing English Breakfast Tea and Mongolian fire oil (a family favorite).

Happy birthday to our beloved youngest child!


  1. Happy Birthday Younger Daughter!

    My goodness, how time has whipped by!

  2. Yes! Happy 21st to her! It tends to be one of the "bigger deal" birthdays. I certainly hope she enjoys it. Natokadn

  3. Well done Parents! And happy birthday to my nautical niece!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Younger Daughter, and Thank You for your service!