Sunday, November 9, 2014

Winter's a-comin'

Up to this point, we've had a remarkably mild fall. A few dips down to freezing, a few days of blustery rain, but on the whole things have been quite moderate.

But all that is about to change. The temps are getting ready to plunge.

The reason behind this abrupt weather change is a nasty, nasty storm -- they're calling it a typhoon -- heading straight for Alaska's Aleutian Island, and subsequently pushing cold Canadian air south. This article describes the storm as "explosive."

Don and I decided to do some late-season buttoning-up in the garden.

Don especially wanted to get all the drip irrigation hoses out of the tire beds.

The larger hoses he blew out but left in place. The smaller hoses he removed, coiled, and blew out.

These small hoses are being stored in a garbage can for the winter.

He removed the control units for the drip system. These will be stored indoors during the winter.

All the hoses needed to be drained and coiled.

There were a few miscellaneous tarps hanging around. We folded these and put them away.

I raked up some weeds I'd been meaning to rake anyway.

I picked the last of the hot peppers and bell peppers. I also found this enormous mushroom.

Anyone know their fungi who can tell me what type this is?

Older Daughter and our friend GG decided to take a last-of-the-season bike ride on the bike trail before the weather got cold. Don pumped up the bike tires for them...

...and I dropped them off at the trail head.

We'll spend the next couple of days splitting more wood and otherwise preparing for the cold snap that's moving in.

And to all the Alaskan readers of this blog: stay warm and safe!


  1. What!? No bike helmets!? Oh the horror! Good for them. Should be an individual choice, just like motorcycle helmets, seat belts, and all the other nanny state intrusions.

  2. Normally, we don't have to water in West Virginia. Guess we're blessed that way.

  3. Getting ready for the frigid temps here in northern Oklahoma. Got the chimney cleaned yesterday, got the car ready for winter. I put out the bird bath heater & electric cord. Wood is in the garage & may go some more next week.

  4. I'd best get out (even in the rain) today to finish dismantling the garden. Brrrrr

  5. Patrice,

    I'm hoping we don't get snow and ice with this cold front coming through. Stay warm, and safe.
    Tomorrow were covering our outside spigots with plastic bag and thick insulated tape, this works really good. Never had any problems with pipes freezing.

  6. Enjoy your columns so much! Just country girls enjoying a bike ride as it should be..hey all of us older folks grew up without helmets and we survived...not the Tour de France here!!! Have fun girls and everyone stay warm!!!

  7. Look up "HAARP status." It is a manipulated storm.

  8. Oh my goodness! Just look at that jet-stream, curving right over the HAARP site, just like Anon said earlier. We're getting rain and above freezing temps. Unseasonably warm this year.

    So sorry Central US, or should I say "Flyover" country. (Be sure to vote 'blue' next time or this'll happen again. Got it!?)

    *Sarcasm button - deactivated*

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska