Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I'd say someone has "issues"

Hmmm. I seem to have picked up a troll.

Back in 2012 I put up a post entitled How Long Will Home-Canned Food Last? which documented how I found some jars of home-canned food dating back to 1999.

This post sparked a lively discussion on older canned food which was uniformly polite.

But unexpectedly this morning I received the following comment on that post:

"Why didnt you eat it? So what if it was old ? Don't you know pressure canning kills all bacteria? It would've been safe to eat. You people are retarded."

Ooookay. Next time I find canned food dating back to 1999, I'll invite you over and YOU can eat it.

What an odd comment. I'd say someone has "issues."


  1. LOL Okay, my sister insists that you need to throw everything out at the 12-month mark, which I think is stupid. I have some things that are a couple of years old, and I know they're fine. But 1999? Even if I knew it was safe, I don't think I could eat 15 year old canned food. As you said, it was likely safe, but ..... I still wouldn't. If that's retarded, I am, too.

  2. Perhaps its something they ate ....

    -Old Soldier

  3. Definitely a troll, hopefully just passing through. Regarding old canned food: a couple of years ago I found some dilly beans, vintage 1994, in a kitchen cupboard (left by the previous owner). I tossed them unopened, but there are plenty of accounts on the web of old (sometimes very old) food being tested and found to be ok. So they might have been fine.

    We don't need food to last forever, though... a few years is enough.

    1. "Might have been fine" is the decisive point, here. I would never take a chance on eating something that might be fine or might not! And I definitely would NEVER take the advice of a liberal-progressive troll! They're all just one step away from the loony bin! --Fred in AZ

  4. Back in the 90s I found some homemade grape juice in my parent's basement that they had canned in the 60s. I checked that it wasn't discolored, the vacuum seal hadn't been broken, and it smelled okay. It was just as delicious as I remembered, far better than anything commercially produced. But I would never fault anyone for throwing that out, and if there wasn't a well functioning emergency system or I didn't have good health insurance what I did would have been extremely foolish.

  5. Some people are just so pathetic that the only thing they have interesting in their lives is trying to start fights on the internet. How sad.

  6. If it was the difference between starvation, and trying what was in those cans, I might try the cans, otherwise...I don't think you were being wasteful in the least.

  7. A twit, that is all I have to say. It may have been ok but then again.....

  8. Someone has issues? Nah... just your typical, run-of-the-mill liberal-progressive troll doing what trolls do best: annoying mature, sensible people. They listen to the liberal lies, believe the lies and pass along the lies. Their lives are one big lie! They're miserable, God bless them. I pray for them, but I will NOT allow them to drag me down into their life of miserable lies. --Fred in AZ

  9. Canned 16 cases of tomatoes in 2008, still eating them... If stored properly canned food will last a long time. I've been canning for 40+ years, no problems yet.. Cool, Dark and Dry...

  10. cool, dark, and dry.....also dated, so you know what you are dealing with.
    then as john d. did...vacuum check..smell check, color/consistancy check...if it passes all, taste test...if any fails, toss.
    a few years back we found some corn in mom's cellar that was dated 1964....45 years old.....and it was as good as the day she canned it.

  11. I believe some one once called old caned food " Alamo Food ", meaning that if SHTF and there was nothing else left, you would eat it... but since my larder is full, as is yours, into the trash it would go.
    Dee in the South West

  12. I'm with "Dee in the South West". I was given jars this past week with a note from the giver..."some need to be emptied". The jars were labeled "Blackberry 1969". All jars were still perfectly sealed but my larder is full as well and until SHTF I'm good with re-using the jars and calling it a good day. :) Thanks for the great post, I always enjoy the read.

  13. I will never understand why some people think it is fine to judge the actions of others, especially when the actions are prudent. Maybe some people just do not understand prudence, or as my FIL often stated, "act in haste, repent in leisure."
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  14. For some reason, this made me laugh. LOL!!!! People!

  15. Cleaning out my parents' garage in preparation for the estate sale, I came across quart jars of green beans that my grandmother canned in 1976. I could not bring myself to eat them, but I did note that they smelled OK when opened. (I cleaned and kept the jars.) They were 47 years old at time of opening.