Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Me expert!

I've had a rough morning.

I woke up late, I didn't get my NaNoWriMo word count in, it's pouring rain, the internet was down, I had a pounding headache, and my computer was glitching. In short, it was one of those mornings.

One by one the issues got resolved. I drank my tea, put aside my NaNoWriMo requirements until later, accepted the rain wasn't going anywhere, took some aspirin, and the internet came back up.

But my computer continued to glitch despite re-starting it and doing a "cc cleaner" (a cleaning program). But then Don came along and waved his magic wand, checked a few settings, cleaned this and scrubbed that, and suddenly my computer was working again like a champ.

I covered him with grateful kisses and told the rest of the household, "I love my hubby! He's such an expert in computers!"

"I'm not an expert," he said. "I'm pretty much a caveman when it comes to understanding computers."

"If you're a caveman, then I'm an amoeba."

He adopted a caveman voice. "Oooh look! Hubby make spark! Hubby an expert!" (Adopting a woman's voice): "Oooh, I love hubby! He make spark! He expert!"

Regardless, I still love my hubby. I still think he's an expert.

And my headache's gone.


  1. Laughing and humor are great ways to get rid of a headache and get in a better mood!

  2. Sigh... I am convinced that computers really are sentient and they don't like me! True story, my son worked at the college computer lab while he was going to college. My computer at home wouldn't boot up so I asked him to take a look: he came into my office, pointed at the computer and said Abracadabra and it started! I have never gotten over the experience! :)