Monday, November 24, 2014


Older Daughter got a wild hair the other day and set up a lovely tea for herself and our friend GG.

It was a compuTEAing party with both girls online.

This didn't prevent them from sipping their beverages with the obligatory pinky elevation.

They spent their time looking at three-tiered cake stands and other teatime accouterments, and searching recipes for cucumber sandwiches (which later they started making and to which both got addicted).

Silly but cute.


  1. "Silly but cute"?

    Patrice, what they did is critical to Western civilization.

    There are many things that are fundamental, working infrastructure, functioning laws, an economy, etc. etc.

    But this? None of the other things matter if girls can't do this sort of thing.

    This is also what the Left wants to end. I've read enough from their leaders and foot soldiers to know that their goal is the utter corruption of youth. They would have these wonderful girls debasing and degrading themselves in the name of Feminism.

    No, silly but cute is a key tactic in keeping Western Civilization alive. Nothing can be more important for them than frivolous parties.

    Thank you for raising girls of such caliber and providing a home wherein they can be silly and cute girls!

  2. Wild hairs are often the most memorable hairs of all. :)

    I have hosted many teas with historic themes as fundraisers and they are fun - even for this notorious tomboy!

  3. Cucumber sandwiches are simply delightful and the entire world would be better off if we all stopped for a while and had a lovely cup of tea with a cucumber sandwich. What marvelous young ladies!

    God Bless,
    Janet in MA

  4. I bought my oldest Granddaughter a set of Lenox china at an auction this summer. It is a beautiful set, like new. My G.daughter has always been a girlie girl & I thought she might like the set of china. She has moved out on her own after getting her college degrees & is living in Texas now.