Monday, July 28, 2014

Last day of sales

The last day of the event was enjoyable -- brisk sales, moderate weather, cheerful crowd. We sold 29 pieces, a highly respectable number for a Sunday. Older Daughter came with me to the booth and was able to see why her mom returned exhausted every night.

Because Older Daughter wasn't driving, she could take a shot of the beautiful downtown as the bridge flung us over the river (I'm always too busy negotiating lane changes and dealing with merging traffic at this juncture).

The festival site from the bridge.

Shots from the day:

A weird freaky tattoo in the crook of a woman's elbow. (She was particularly proud that the eye would "blink" whenever she opened or closed her forearm.) It never fails to amaze me how many people in Portland are tattooed. I've heard it called Ink City.

Older Daughter took a walk with the camera and found this silver-bodied street performer imitating a statue.

The base of his platform had the following announcement:

She watched, fascinated, as the living statue did some "contact juggling" with up to four balls.

When he was done with his four-hour performance, he packed down -- in slow "robotic" motion -- his box and tips...

...and went away.

She also saw a Jack Sparrow look-alike.

Amusing T-shirts:

(No offense to our LDS neighbors or readers.)

The bands brought dancers. This woman was twirling what looked like leather balls at the end of strings. She was very graceful. Apparently she's called a "fire dancer" because at night the balls can be lit, which must be a beautiful sight.

There were also hoop dancers (three) who looked lovely as they twirled their hoops. Photos don't do them justice.

Older Daughter decided to tie up one of our mini "shot glass" tankards in her funky long earrings, which were pinned into her hair. (It got too heavy so she soon took it out.)

Now compare Older Daughter's pretty ears to this fellow's:

This gentleman told me he has one more eight-inch "stretch" to go and his lobes will be a full inch in width. He had identical gauges in both ears.

This fellow walked into the booth in extremely unique shoes.

The event ended at 7 pm and then came the laborious break-down. Afterward we wanted to visit the famous Voodoo Doughnuts (just a few blocks away)...

...but the line was long and pretty much immobile. We waited five minutes and decided it wasn't worth an hour of our time just to get into the door, especially since we were exhausted. So we went back to our friend's house and crashed.

Shortly after posting this blog post, Older Daughter and I will visit Powell's Books and then head out for the long drive back to Idaho. Can't wait to get home!


  1. I always enjoy your weird Portland posts, they make me chuckle. Powell's is great, isn't it!

  2. Not to be mean, but you could do ring toss through those gauge holes.

  3. Glad you had a good time and that you once again took all of us along for the ride. Sounds like you did well in the sales dept as well. Congrats!

  4. 1. A five-day show? We need a new word for "exhausted."

    2. Love the statue guy.

    3. Shoes with wings on the feet -- way tray cool.

    4. I wouldn't have waited in line for a doughnut for an hour either. At the end of a show, after tear-down, all I want to do is get the heck home.

    Just Me

  5. From the last few posts sounds like it all went well. I would love to see a blog post with some tips on vending at a large festival or event. I sell goat milk soaps, lotions, ect. I have my first large event booked for Aug. 15 and am nervous as heck. Would love some tips from a pro!!!!!!!!!

    1. I'd like to see Patrice do a book specifically for festivals. too.

      Have you seen her book 'The Home Craft Business: How to Make It Survive and Thrive' ? I can recommend it. It touches on some things relevant to your interest, which you might find helpful, and it's a fun read.

      Best of success at the big event!

      A. McSp

    2. Curranbound - Congratulations on taking the leap for your first big show! You'll do fantastic. Goat's milk products are always a big draw at the shows I do. Is this your first show EVER? Or your first BIG show?

      I concur with A. McSp above. Read Mrs. Lewis's book.

      My own tip? Figure out your hook - what makes you unique - and play it up big.

      You'll do great. The stage-fright goes away after the first sale. Never let them see you sweat.

      Just Me

    3. Didn't know about the book A.McSp Thanks I will check it out!

  6. Having just returned from Powell's bookstore last weekend .. I can see why they proudly display a bumper snicker reading 'Keep Portland Weird' .... Looks like you had a successful weekend for sales.

  7. Yep! That wuz Portland, alright.
    I bet Baby Girl is coming home with some wide eyes. lol

    I'd love to see the fire dancers. That's a beautiful art.

    Thanks for another fun road trip, and it's great to know your car went home a lot emptier than it came. I know a bunch of critters and their people will be glad to hear it driving up the lane and back to the house.
    A. McSp

  8. Haha, took me a second to get "buttman". By the way, I tried emailing you on WND because I couldn't find a different email address, but it returned it to me because apparently I look like spam. Is there a different one I can use?