Friday, July 25, 2014

Second day of sales

Well I must say yesterday's weather was MUCH better than Wednesday's. It was cloudy on and off most of the day, but there was no rain and temps were moderate.

I set up the outer shelving units with the feet on plastic bags so the wood didn't get wet.

This international event likes to chronicle where visitors come from. This map will be porcupined (if I could coin a term) with pins by Sunday.

I noticed a wit had pinned a miniature sting ray over the Great Barrier Reef off Australia.

I was pleased to see north Idaho had suitable representation.

The day's musical selection (my booth is about 100 feet from the stage) ranged from okay to jaw-droppingly superb. This small group was in the jaw-dropping category. They played bluegrass, and the fiddler brought the house down with his rendition of Orange Blossom Special.

I watched this darling little boy dance and dance and dance.

The woman who runs the booth next to me sells temporary tattoos, which are popular with young and old alike. Sometimes she's requested to decorate a body part that qualifies as a "tramp stamp" (I believe that's the term). Unless the body part in question is illegal to bare in public, she usually good-naturedly accommodates.

A couple of amusing T-shirts. I also saw a couple of T-shirts which were amusing but not family-friendly, so I can't post pictures here.

I met... Gimli!!

By mid-afternoon, the crowds were thick...

...and the booth was constantly crowded.

That's all the photos I got since I was pretty busy. I sold 28 pieces, only two more than yesterday, so it wasn't a phenomenal day, but not a bad one.

Early this morning I was interviewed (!!) on live TV (!!) for the morning news (!!) which some local Portlanders might have seen. I loathe how I look on camera so I hope I didn't make too big a fool of myself. (More on this in tomorrow's blog update.)

I'm off to sell more tankards -- wish me luck!


  1. I didn't know this was an International Affair! No wonder you guys work so hard to make this event! The map for attendees to Pin is so interesting! Actually saw a few Pins stuck on Central Texas! Love your updates each day and photos as well! Hoping you sell out tomorrow!

  2. You don't need me to wish you luck.... you have made your own luck! And it is awesome.