Friday, May 23, 2014

Chick quarters

Our baby chicks were getting way too big for their box.

Plus the house stank. Plus Don's allergies were kicking in. It sure doesn't take these guys long to transition from adorable blobs of fluff to annoying housemates. Bottom line, it was time to get these kids into the coop.

Fortunately we already have an interior cage inside the coop, so it was a simple matter to add a heat bulb to the lamp, get some fresh food and water and a nice clean floor of straw, and put the babies in. Took fifteen minutes, tops.

At first they huddled together, terrified at their new circumstances.

But within a few minutes they were cautiously stretching their legs (and necks), exploring their new surroundings.

This little lady settled right in and relaxed.

Within a couple of days, it was as if their old box had never existed. Everyone was calm and cozy.

We'll keep them inside this inner pen for another couple of weeks, a month at most, before introducing them into the big wide world. Meanwhile it's good to have them out of the house... which now smells much better.


  1. The absolute best thing I ever bought for my baby chicks was a child's pack & go playpen. I bought mine for three bucks at a second hand store. The cool thing about them is if the weather is nice you can roll them right outside. I usually lay a cheap plastic table cloth down and then put down their bedding for easy clean-up, then it folds away for next year. I even used it to contain my new puppy. Love that thing!

  2. That's why I love this site! There are always brilliant homesteaders with great suggestions and ideas. Next garage sales I visit, will be with different eyes. I'll gravitate to the ones with childrens clothing, toys, etc. instead of just overlooking them. Playpen, who knew? Thank you Anonymous. I just sent our chicks into the coop before having a difficult time in the plastic container that they outgrew. Y'all have a great Memorial day weekend. East Texas homesteader. :)