Thursday, May 1, 2014

Another casting call

I was contacted by an assistant producer at Blast! Films seeking families looking to move from an urban to a rural environment for a film documentary. I am posting the relevant information but I do not have any additional details. Any questions will need to be directed to Tom Evans at

I’m contacting you with regards to a new feel-good network series following ordinary families who want to escape city-life to peaceful off-grid living in the glorious American wilderness. Each show will feature one family viewing three featured properties with a view to buy and they will spend a few days getting a taste of life unplugged from the urban mayhem.

I’m looking for normal families from various backgrounds for the series, and for the pilot (now in production) we really want to feature some stunning properties but we need to find the right family/budget before we can start looking for locations. Most importantly, this is a warm and supportive series; we hope to give the family a taste of the good life and inspire the audience to get back to nature.

This is an excellent time to be making this, as I’m sure you are aware interest in living off-grid has never been greater and continues to grow. The series will offer a great opportunity to show-off some fantastic properties and scenery on-top of the human benefits of country living and I’m hoping you would be interested in speaking with me about this further.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or would like more information. It would also be a great help if you’d forward on this post to any families who’re thinking of heading off the beaten track and you think might enjoy this experience.

Thomas Evans
Assistant Producer
Blast! Films
Imperial Works, Perren Street
London NW5 3ED
T: +44 20 7424 8036
M: +44 77 2766 9842



    As if.

    Just Me

  2. who want to escape city-life to peaceful off-grid living" ha! Didn't you have a really peaceful night a few weeks back with all the cows going crazy all night? Going completely off grid is tough, dirty work. Good luck to them.

    1. So right!

      I wonder how many city slickers are ready for the "human benefit" of wet manure up to their ankles or the "peace" of 2 days in cold mud looking for a full septic tank.

      (Do they know what a septic tank is? Do we dare tell them?)

      All kidding aside --- if you're a city slicker who's reading this and really does want their very own septic tank on their very own land, then get going! Read Mrs. Lewis' books and do it.

      Just Me

  3. I want to escape hectic, sweaty, dusk to dawn rural life for the peaceful rural good life. Were do I find that?! Send one of those families my way. They can muck out my barn.

  4. I look forward to this series, if it ever makes it to an audience. We moved from a major metropolitan city to a small town farm 2 years ago and we've never looked back.

  5. I can't get your RSS feed to work: do you know what's wrong?

    1. I don't know, I'm afraid. Blogger has been doing weird things lately. I now have to log in through Blogger rather than through my blog itself, so I have a feeling our problems stem from the same issue.

      - Patrice

  6. I want to escape city life for country living. But it's not just clean air (which doesn't exist in my city), raising animals, and growing a garden that's appealing. It's the godly, hard-working communities too. Families like Patrice's. I honestly wish I could just up and leave this state to go work for Patrice and Don and have them teach me all they know. I'd even muck out Anonymous at 7:05's barn. Haha.