Thursday, March 27, 2014

Casting call

In January 2012, I posted a casting call for a production company called TwoFour America that is interested in filming a docu-drama illustrating the American dream of becoming self-sufficient on a homestead. Yesterday I received a follow-up email requesting one more family to fulfill their casting call. I am posting this press release but have no further information. Any questions will need to be directed to the email:


Families who are ready to ditch the rat race and get back to the simple life.

A major cable network is currently looking for strong Moms and Dads who are planning to lead their families in a move to an off-grid dwelling in a remote part of the country.

Is your relationship with your partner suffering because of the pressure of jobs and childcare? Are your kids spending more time on computers than with each other? Are you ready to take a huge step to change that?

If you are preparing to turn in your briefcase for a backpack or your styling tools for a tool belt, this could be the opportunity for you to share your journey!

We want to hear from Moms and Dads who have 2 or more children over the age of 10, who are ready to sell everything and move to a different part of the country.

Please email names and ages of all family members, contact information, photos and a brief description of your story to:


  1. OOO! OO! Pick ME! Pick ME!

    I'm qualified! I have zero self respect and no dignity what-so-ever!!!


  2. You know, I'd be almost tempted. We don't meet the criteria (only one child over 10)...

    NO! The whole point of wanting to do this is, like, PRIVACY. Think I'll take a pass on being on a reality show.

    I might WATCH that one, though. It could be as good as the Duggars.

  3. I value my privacy above all else..Not for me...but I would watch it!

  4. If they're going to help pay for the move and the new digs it might be worth it.

    1. The first day you show up in my community with a TV crew in tow, is the first day of my pledge to make your life as miserable as possible, for as long as you live in the same area code.

      If you so badly feel the need to become the next Kardashian sister, please so where your mama dropped you.


  5. It would be tempting if, like anon said, they helped pay for it. I do have 3 kids over ten, and 3 below ten. Don't think I'd want them on television.
    It's an interesting idea. I'd probably watch it too