Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring is springing

I almost hate to confess (since the east is still walloped with tons of snow) that spring is springing here in north Idaho. This past week we've seen a rise in temperatures to the high 40s and all the snow is gone except for icy patches left over from berms.

Four days ago, this was the front of our house. The temperature had risen above freezing and the snow was slowly sliding down the metal awning, curling over the edge.

It curled so low it was blocking light from the windows.

Water was melting from the snow and forming rivulets from the roof and Virginia creeper vines.

We've had a flock of quail around a lot, pecking at any bare spot they can find.

They're as fat as butterballs.

On Tuesday I drove to the county seat and saw the ice is breaking up on the lake.

This morning I stepped onto the front porch and heard... a meadowlark. A sure sign of spring! Yesterday we also saw bluebirds. This morning while feeding the cattle I heard robins. I've seen starlings doing their mating dance.

I'd say spring is springing in a major way!


  1. It's about the same over here, Patrice.
    But I'm keeping my powder dry, because I can remember one season a few years back having this going on in March and April, then waking up on April 28th to 2 feet of snow. Yikes.

    I hear new birdsong almost every day as our winged migrants make their arrivals, and the fish in the pond seem to be dancing and playing. lol

    A. McSp

  2. Beautiful indeed!
    We love your blog and refer to you as our 'Idaho friend' - thank you for bringing smiles to our days!

  3. Yeah, we had 63 here today in the Tri-Cities...beautiful weather. I'm glad it looks like spring is here, but sad because in 2 months we could have temperatures in the 90's...

  4. Wow, beautiful picture of the quail.

    The spring snow-melt seem came quickly. Roads are being posted tomorrow. All-in-all a beautiful winter. At times it was very challenging. Perhaps God wants to toughen up our stock.
    Montana Guy

  5. Sooooo jealous! We've had robins and bluebirds for a month or so... but Im afraid they are just mistaken. Snow and ice everywhere here still. Enjoy it!!!