Monday, February 10, 2014

Taxes, ug

Well as if I haven't been silent enough (on the blog) because of our unexpectedly busy tankard orders, now I'm burying myself in taxes. Ug.

I hate using computer programs for doing taxes. Instead I do it the old-fashioned way -- pencil and paper. Literally.

Our tax appointment is Feb 18. I scheduled it very early this year because there's a lot of uncertainty and changes in tax stuff, so I wanted to give us enough time to pull together funds just in case we owe money.

I'll try not to be as silent on the blog as last week, but just thought I'd let you know what we've been up to lately. Taxes. Ug!!!


  1. I do taxes the same way you do, although I think in the near future we will all be forced to efile.
    A tax preparer told me you have a better chance of not being audited if you file as close to April 15 as possible, so I, like you, figure them out early and file later.
    Good luck with all the legalese in the tax code!

  2. Patrice,

    Taxes so true!!!!

    Talking about software, it took us 5 days to get the software to load this year. When we finally got the stuff loaded, doing the taxes was a cake walk. I'm not very happy because we no longer have kids as deductions, there all grown and doing their own taxes.

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  4. As farmers, we do most of our taxes BEFORE the end of the year because we want to pay little to no taxes. If we have too much income, we make legitimate purchases to offset that as much as possible. Then there are no surprises come tax filing time.

  5. Just a comment and if you are already doing these things it is still good info for everyone. You should plan your taxes 6 months and then again 30 days before the end of your tax year. If your taxes are complicated then do this with a tax preparer. You should also use a tax preparer to actually compute and file your taxes if your tax situation is at all complicated. I am not suggesting that you use the tax preparers that set up a table in Walmart or the mall. They might be good at what they do but more likely they are more attuned to filing for welfare people and getting the EITC and their experience with complicated taxes is quite limited. Good planning can often save money especially for anyone with a small business.

  6. Well, I guess the unexpected tankard orders are a Blessing AND a curse?

    May you get your money back this year!