Sunday, February 16, 2014

Going to a dance

The girls received a last-minute invitation yesterday to attend a dance in a nearby town. I volunteered to drive.

Country dances are something else. They're a combination of swing, square dancing, and line dancing -- and a WHOLE lot of fun!

I didn't want to use a flash in these photos so most of the people are blurry, but the blurs just illustrate how fast everyone was moving.

There's no raunchiness, there's no bumping and grinding... just a lot of young folks getting together and having the time of their lives.

Everyone dresses casually but modestly, and all ages are welcome.

This, my friends, is the way dances ought to be!


  1. This is what my children call a "multi-generational" party! But we all have fun. I truly believe teenagers would have so many less problems if they are always integrated in a situation like this. Adults to look up to and have as a role model and little children looking up to them.

  2. I loved his post..what drew my eye was all the different ages having a blast together....the older children helping the younger get the hang of the dances!

    No contest to see who can get the most graphic. It is sad how far from civility dances have become, this reminds us all of simple pure fun!

  3. These are the things ,I wish for my family and why me and mine , moved west. Some of America is still working like it should and have the proper values. NYC does not set the tone or rule the roost.
    Thank you for posting and sharing .

    1. mjrb, We agree. Pockets of good old-fashion, God-fearing America still exist, but you have to search for them. We made the sacrifice to move here and never looked back. Loved the dance pictures!
      Montana Guy

  4. Ahhhhh!



    Love and hugs, Patrice, for taking us with!


  5. Thank you. I was losing hope but glad to see wholesome normalcy does exist.

  6. Reminds me of the typical 'Barn Dances" they have in MT. They like to eat and Polka up there!...good clean fun!!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Totally agree with the article and all the comments.

  8. i am 89 s0 during the 40s we had the dirty boogie so this bunch of kids are not to could dance it some places and others not.any one remember ?

  9. We call them Contra Dances, and have one a month at our community center, up here in Canada. We have great fun and I love seeing people of all ages participate.

  10. Looks like a ton of fun. Perfect fun for this long winter!

  11. Yes, it reminds me of Contra dancing here in NC. I learn to Contra in Asheville and when I could spin without falling down I got brave enough to attend the dances at Warren Wilson College. So much fun with the college kids, mixing up break dancing with Contra. I was always smiling. Hope to get back to it after I recover from knee surgery.