Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sign of the times

The girls and I were in a thrift store a few weeks ago. As usual, I checked the glass aisles for any spare kerosene lamp chimneys. While doing so I spotted this bin, which stopped me in my tracks.

So now there's a market for used incandescent light bulbs. Hmmm, how much longer before there's a black market for them?


  1. Considering how quickly the bulbs have disappeared from our local hardware stores shelves, I'd say - now. I grab them whenever possible and stock 'em deep. I enjoy and welcome the savings from these new 'things' but like my LIGHT.

  2. Well .. there could one day be. I'm not happy with the CFL's and they don't have the life promised .. and are toxic to dispose of. LEDs are getting better but so EXPENSIVE and are hard to determine the actual replacement bulb to purchase. (I have boxes and boxes of incandescent lights bulbs in my basement).

  3. Bought some this afternoon at our local Tractor Supply. 60 watt bulbs - four in a box at $1.50 - picked up the last four boxes. Should have gone there in the morning!

  4. Coming soon from Big Brother: 'Get a free CFL with your mandatory vaccination. Bring your children!'
    Montana Guy

  5. I've had two very unpleasant and dangerous experiences with the new "curly' bulbs, which, when they burned out nearly started fires and filled the house with horrible toxic fumes. I happened to be near enough by to hear them when they began hissing, and in one case found the bulb with a little fire shooting our of the hole burned in the metal part of the bulb's base. It was like a tiny little blow torch.

    No more.

    I'll use incandescent bulbs, thank you, and be safe. Plus I kinda like to be able to actually see when I switch on a light.

    G.E. has made its millions off the taxpayers' backs as a reward for its political loyalties. I owe them nothing. And I owe even less to the politicians who rewarded them. The corrupt cronyism behind this story is abominable.

    When the power company dumps their annual unsolicited box of "free" bulbs I return them unopened.

    And quiet as it's kept, I think I remember reading a mention of this issue being included in the latest farm bill, and that it has been decided not to impose the ban on making incandescent bulbs after all. I'm hoping to see that confirmed soon.


  6. I can understand budgetary limits for lightbulbs but would recommend to any who read this, that if you have a bulb in a place that is "scary" to have to change, splurge and get the LED version. Most hardware stores have someone that can help you get the right one for your socket.
    Over the last three years, we have changed over to almost all LED. If we had waited, the price would have been cheaper for the bulbs, but the energy savings made up the difference. We began by prioritizing the kitchen, which is where we have the lights on the most, and all the places that are "way up high" (of which we have several. I don't do ladders, if I can avoid it. We still have some GU 10 bulbs that need changed out, but we don't use those banks of light that often and those are the most expensive LED bulbs. We also give them to each other as gifts, "you light up my life", kind of thing. I do really love a practical gift, so these are right down my alley.
    We have gotten lots of compliments about the lighting in our kitchen, generally along the line of how bright our lights are and that it's a good thing. I can have on the nine can lights in my kitchen for less than 75watts. It is the heart of our home and where we are most often. Any time we need to do something that requires good lighting, like remove a splinter, read fine print, etc., we find ourselves in the kitchen.
    I also expect these LED bulbs to outlive me, another fact that made them worth the money.

  7. I just wanted to add something.

    We inherited an elderly cat who would warm herself by sitting under the table lamp beside the sofa. It didn't take her long to figure out something was wrong after we switched the bulbs to LED, LOL.

  8. Was in Sandpoint Home Depot yesterday and saw they had a front of the store endcap filled with 40 to 100w incandescents. I think the price was a buck and a quarter for four. They were no name generic.

    I didn't pick any up as I have a decent supply and little storage room left for much more of anything. It's a problem but, probably a good problem. lol

  9. Its interesting that the CFL bulbs have taken over when there is still NO GOOD WAY to dispose of the mercury in them?

  10. incandescents are still available. thanks to Larry Birnbaum. here's his site to order and read about how he produces legally.

  11. I predicted in 2007 that there would be a black market and I would be scurrying around in the night, meeting nefarious characters in out-of-the-way, dangerous rendezvous to purchase for a king's ransom on incandescent bulb.

  12. Thank you for shining a light on the dark underbelly of the thrift store phenomenon. ;)

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska