Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cold rain, warm cookies, hot tea

Yesterday it was cold and raining and howling wind. Obviously it wasn't quite cold enough to snow, but it was chilly and windy and nasty outside.

Today it's a decidedly brisk 25F, but with high winds that make it feel much colder. It's an excellent day for warm cookies...

...and hot tea.

Power went out for about five hours during the night, which meant that somewhere in all that windy rainy darkness, some poor linemen were working hard. I sure wish I could give them some warm cookies and hot tea.


  1. Those look delicious. I was drinking tea and reading Tolkien over the weekend too. A great way to relax, at least in my opinion!

  2. Our power cut out yesterday evening for about 2 hours...made for an early night to beddy by. Amazing how early one goes to bed when there is no distractions!