Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Younger Daughter and I -- as well as my dear friend Patty -- are counting down the hours until the start of our annual noveling madness known as NaNoWriMo.

National Novel Writing Month is a month of crazy fun madness wherein participants write a 50,000 novel in thirty days. Younger Daughter and I have done this on and off for the last few years and it's...well, crazy, fun, and mad.

My girlfriend Patty is also participating, and she and I have been banging plot ideas back and forth for the last couple weeks in anticipation of Friday's launch date.

The resulting novels are frequently raw and much in need of improvement, but every writer needs to flex his or her writing muscles on a regular basis and NaNoWriMo offers an atmosphere of friendly competition and the ever-necessary deadline to make sure the seat of the pants gets put in the seat of the chair to get the writing done.

So... who else is participating?


  1. I hadn't considered it but that sounds like a great way to finish the book I am writing. Will sleep on it then start tomorrow.

    Sixteen hundred words a day shouldn't be too bad. I probably need a deadline to actually get this book done.

  2. This will by my third year participating. I finished the first year, bombed the second, skipped a few and am trying it again. It's lots of fun and my daughter encourages me.

  3. I am about 37K into my novel already, and I will be observing NaNoWriMo as a great incentive to push through and finish. The hardest part is going to bed on time so I can be alert when my 5am writing appointment comes!

  4. I'm doing it too and I'm getting really excited. I've been doing it for the past six years, except that last two kind of died, but I have won before.
    Thanks for making me all hyper now.

  5. This is my sixth year doing nanowrimo, I've won twice before, but I've also failed miserably twice before. However, seeing this post is making me get all hyper, I can't wait for November 1st!
    I'm writing a modern fantasy thriller complete with dragons, magical spy tech, and a young princess who was kidnapped. What are you writing about?

  6. I am doing this again. Petered out the first year and suceeded the second year. It really is a great venue and once you start rolling, the deadline is the invisible clock in your brain.

  7. This will be my third year as well. Petered out in the first, finished the second. It really is a great way to ensure you complete a manuscript.