Friday, October 18, 2013

Idaho meme

Younger Daughter found this Idaho meme which I couldn't help but feel was quite realistic.

She found this meme on a site called 45 Reasons Why Idaho is the Most Underrated State in the Country, which is worth a chuckle.


  1. Just pray that people from California don't decide that Idaho is the place to go. They will ruin it like every thing else California touches.


    1. We are from Kali and yes lots of other exKalis are here. Fortunately, a lot of the Kalibaggers (the lib type) left after the snowpocolypses of 07-08 and 08-09. we love the snow and were living in a 5th wheel trailer at the time, with 16 feet of snow for the season. Not all people from Kali "ruin everything else" and I resent being lumped in with those types. By the way, if you would really research that state, you would see that, just like the rest of this country, most of the land mass is inhabited by the hard working, conservative types, we are just outnumbered by the trough feeding city dwellers.

    2. Thank you Paintedmoose. I too get fed up with being lumped in with the liberal nuts in Kalifornia. I was born and raised in a rural county of the state. I'm about as county as a gal can get.
      Stuck in CA

  2. Please go hug that baby girl for me.

    Hilarious! And with a great shot of bear grylls ...hope I'm spelling that correcty. :) ...a serious tough guy.

    I don't send or receive many of these, but here's a funny one I got today, so here's a giggle back to YD.

    Thanks for the laugh.
    A. McSp

  3. Well, except for the cross-burning (and maybe the windshield-scraping, although we do plenty of that here in the Midwest too), all of those look pretty good to me. :)

  4. 51 Days in Idaho, I think is the name of a small free book I downloaded to my tablet....Two guys traveled the state and took pictures of your state....It was a blog-type story...VERY underrated is your state...From this book, I saw beauty and history....So,
    if I able to get to Idaho, I would love to tour the state and see all the beauty first hand...I also read about the people and how great you are...YES, I think so from your blog and Enola's blog...I would love being neighbors with you and all your friends...
    Love from NC

  5. Hey Patrice... just found you due to an article that you wrote and Survival Mom shared. We live in Post Falls. :)