Monday, October 28, 2013

Please help Orange Jeep Dad

As many of you have doubtless heard, the blogger who runs Orange Jeep Dad suffered a terrible tragedy on Saturday -- their home burned completely to the ground.

By the grace of God they and their pets/animals are safe, but they've lost everything except the clothes on their backs.

Orange Jeep Dad is a hard-working family man with a family of six daughters who has spent the last couple of years striving for greater independence and self-sufficiency. They moved to a more rural area earlier this year, and now to lose everything so unexpectedly is shocking.

Thankfully OJD and his family have kind friends who are taking them in for the moment, and their church is rallying around. But they need help. They pretty much need everything -- storable food, kitchen implements, furniture, anything.

I am appealing to all of you wonderful and generous people to help them in any way you can, either financially or with tangibles of whatever you can spare. Financial donations can be made through PayPal at

Tangible items can be sent to:

Orange Jeep Dad
2532 N. Fourth St. #230
Flagstaff, Arizona 86004-3712

SurvivalBlog has post up on specifics of what this family needs; please visit the link here. James Rawles is also auctioning a roll of silver American Redoubt coins on eBay, with all gross proceeds to go to OJD.

It's rare that I ask for donations on someone's behalf, but this is a clear case of a family in need. They could also use a lot of prayer.

Thank you all on behalf of the OJD family. Please be generous.


  1. Thank you for posting. Will send prayers and help.

    Do you have any news of your friend in Alaska whose husband was killed? Just wondered how they are doing.

  2. !!!

    Thank God they and their critters are all safe and unharmed!!

    Theirs will no doubt be a very special Thanksgiving this year.

    And thank God they have insurance.

    I'll be sending some $$ and keeping them in prayer.

    Thank you for letting us know, Patrice.


  3. Certainly praying for this family. One of the things that I think all of us preppers fail to remember sometimes is to prepare for the most likely scenario. Yes, we can all think about the ways to defeat hoards of looting gangs after the crunch, but what about now - the most common ways we need to protect our families. For me - there will be a storm cellar in my future soon!

  4. please tell me if they had homeowners insurance of some kind!

  5. This is a true unmitigated personal disaster, shocking and humbling. Man, it's been a tough year for them. Gads. After getting to know them on the blog, I truly thank God that no one was hurt. Amazing Grace.

    Just Me

  6. Seems nothing has gone well for this family over the last year. The OK move didn't work out, then the new job and rental seemed to be going great, and now this. Prayers for family. I haven't heard if they had rental insurance or not, I sure hope so, he did mention auto insurance, so their vehicles should be covered. I just read in his comments that the fire started from grilling on the back deck. Just glad that the Lord kept the family safe and protected.

  7. I have shared #OJD plight over at @seasonedcitizenprepper so hopefully we can help them pull through this terrible loss! They are in my prayers as well!

  8. It appears my original comment didn't post, but i also follow #OJD and have shared his plight on other sites...I hope that we are all able to help them in one way or another...that is the strength of community, and His way...they are in my prayers and I am helping in a small way, wish I could do more

  9. Very sad, they've had a difficult year. Prayers to them, glad everyone and animals got out of the house safely.

  10. Our home caught fire Christmas Day 2001. Fortunately all were safe and we just suffered smoke/water damage. But it was an emotional time - all the "what ifs" that go through your mind. Over the past weekend I lost $20 bucks to a change machine at the laundromat. Made for a crummy day...until I read this. The laundry called and is refunding my $20. I'm mailing it straight to OJD. Not a lot, but what I can spare for now. Hopefully small and large bills from here and there will pour in and this family will have their daily necessities and longterm stores back up in no time. Thanks for sharing, Patrice!