Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to keep things safe

A reader named Lisa in Canada left a comment on the Odd and Uneasy Undercurrents post as follows:

That is one of my big concerns as well; how to keep everything safe when the government comes knocking. Here in Canada we do not actually have "private property". This means that as per our Charter of "rights" the government can come along any time and without explanation and take your land for their own use. Yep, even if you bought the place outright.

I would love to see some suggestions on how we can keep our food/supplies safe. We have large dogs but are still waiting on our gun licenses. And how does one keep their cash safe? Thanks for any suggestions and advice. - Lisa

Someone replied to Lisa as follows:

A friend put wheat, rice, sugar and other long term storage food in mylar bags and then into 5 gal buckets. He buried these in a well drained area of his yard and then put a cheap metal storage shed over the spot. He told me if he never needs it that he will never dig it up but if he does need it that it would be very unlikely anyone would have thought to move the old shed and dig up the ground undr it so it will still be there.

Money/cash may in the near future become an issue. When a country enconters serious economic problems it usually has to devalue it's currency and print new bills. This gives them a lot of power to control YOUR money. They will automatically convert your savings and investments value and you will be allowed to turn n your old cash for the new devalued cash. But it's common that they don't allow very large amounts to be converted and in fact having a large amount of cash in such perilous times might make you subject to legal/criminal sanctions. It is not uncmmn to make it illegal to own gold and maybe even silver and you will be required to sell it to the government at a price they determine. There is one loophole that usually survives and that is silver coins and possibly gold coins as well. Not "rounds" but real coins that were minted by your contry or a nearby Democratic country. Buy old Candian or American silver coins and save them for the possibility of a economic collapse. Hopefully the comming collpase will not be as bad as some historical collapses. Either way silver coins would be a good investment. A loaf of bread today is worth about a (silver) dime. Even in the event of runaway inflation and a subsequent devaluation it is probable that a loaf of bread will still be worth a silver dime more or less. Gold coins have there place but they are difficult to actually use in the event of a SHTF situation. That is if youwanted to buy a loaf of bread and all you had was a one ounce gold coin how would the person selling you the bread make change.

Guns in Canada are problematic. Can't you buy and own a shotgun? How about a decent pellet rifle. Pellet rifles are effective in taking small game. Consider a bow and arrow. Some preppers actually love bows and arrows for when TSHTF. There is a slingshot version that will shoot arrows. Here in the states black powder rifles that operate using flint or percussion caps are not heavily regulated perhaps Canada has some leeway for "antique" arms.


I thought Lisa's questions (and the reply) were excellent and should be brought forth as a separate blog post so everyone can comment and we can all benefit.

Keeping in mind Canadian gun laws are different than laws in the U.S., what kind of advice can apply to folks on both sides of the border?


  1. Patrice,
    In the US, ANY Federal, state, county or municipality can take your land and pay you whatever it determines to be "fair market value" - usual a very low ball offer. Its called Eminent Domain. You can fight the value in court, but in the end you WILL lose your land.

    1. My advice is to stop electing ultra-wealthy politicians time and time again. They do not and never will represent We the People. Most Americans have been brainwashed into thinking we HAVE to be a Republican or a Democrat. It's really not that much more difficult to control a 2-party system than it is a dictatorship! Liberals in the USA are pushing us toward being exactly like Canada. Is that what we want? I sure don't! We need to stop listening to the liberal Canadian lies and learn from their mistakes. When Americans finally get out of the rut and stop allowing themselves to be controlled and manipulated, then and only then will things begin to change! --Fred in AZ

  2. Lisa's questions seem, at least to me, to be the same question from two different perspectives. Where can one keep personal possessions safe? How can one protect ourselves from the government/intruders?

    Considering our location, spouse and I have had many many discussions concerning this matter. We have not come up with a good answer, just an option we might consider. Remember, if you have thought of it, someone else most probably has as well.

    Confiscation laws have been used as far back as the American Civil War (both sides) and probably further back than that. We currently have laws that "allow" the government to dismantle home, property, and family members to do as they wish. These laws have been "upgraded" over the years since at least Eisenhower.

    Our police have been transformed from the those who "Serve and Protect" into...what they have become today. (By law, at least in NYC subway, the police have no obligation to help a person who is being attacked by a knife wielding person. It happened. It begs the question as to why they are there in the first place.)

    There are non-gun ways to help protect oneself from intruders in the home, but if those "intruders" happen to be an unidentified SWAT team that got the wrong address, it doesn't always bode well for the persons living there.

    Confiscation of home and family can come in other forms that have more "stealth."

    Even if I had the answer as to where to keep one's possession/provisions safe--and I don't--it would be foolish to write it online. Maybe after one of those long discussions with spouse, I will wake up in the middle of the night with the perfect answer!

    As everything in life, we must weight the pros and cons of any decision, and then go with what we think is best. Hard times makes hard decisions.

    My advice is what we already do. 1.Get right with God. 2.Read as much as you can including hard times in history to help you decide the "Who, What, When, Where, and How" of decisions. 3.Keep a balanced life and don't forget that it is the simple pleasures that enrich our lives.

  3. The shed idea sounds plausible, but I do know that even packaged the way they are described there is the possibility of spoilage, be it bugs, rot etc.

    The silver coins sound like a viable option and something I am going to look at. After all there is only so much silver and gold in the world and so long as the relative purchase power stays the same you can ensure some measure of reliable purchase power.

    However I am not so much concerned about the ability to buy food. Most stores only have 2-3 DAYs worth of goods on hand. And while food might be an issue when TSHTF I do believe most will be more concerned about safety, at least in the cities. But you never know, sometimes human beings like to suprise me in a good way.

  4. An excellent post - and it raises many issues I've considered in the past.

    I'm short on time here (I'm on my lunch break) but I want to add my voice to the thought of air rifles. In the even to a total collapse, ammunition will eventually run out, and the cost is skyrocketing - if you can even fine it.

    The right size of air rifles, on the other hand can use either pellets or BBs, either of which are plentiful and cheap. And modern air riffles are powerful enough to rival many "regular" rifles. The Louis and Clark expedition used air rifles on their journey - and things have come a long way.

    I've noticed that shooters have their preferences, and it would be wise to do an online search to determine the quality of the different brands.

    Steve Herr

  5. No gun rights? I hate to say it but Lisa is already living in bondage. Her situation is much like that of our loved ones living back East. But Lisa has one huge advantage over them. She realizes that at some point the government will come knocking and it sounds like she has the guts to take action on that knowledge. Lisa needs to think ‘outside the box’; in this case ‘outside of Canada’.

    Very hard times are coming to everyone (everywhere) who refuses to bow to tyranny. A crucial question to ask yourself, ‘Where do you want to be when the government comes knocking?’ We want to be with thousands of liberty-loving Patriots, armed and prepared to fight government tyranny. We took James Rawles advice about voting with our feet (see his Survival Blog page on ‘The American Redoubt’). Was it difficult? Did we have to make sacrifices? You bet. But it would be no more difficult for most Canadians than it was for us.

    Lisa is right to be concerned about the safety of her food, supplies and money but where will SHE be safe? It is going to take more than a gun and a big dog. And don’t get me started on those who would bring a pellet gun or sling shot to a gun fight. GET REAL. It’s going to take a lot like-minded Patriots with semi-automatic rifles behind every tree and prepared to use them. Frankly, if you don’t have that you are already in bondage.
    Montana Guy

    1. I am one of those people stuck in the east coast.While I would move tomorrow, and wanted to move "yesterday," hubs will not. Despite living in a rural area, it is still congested. Years ago, we traveled west to Chicago for business purposes. I was shocked to find miles and miles of roadway with no exits. Based on population maps that I have seen, there are many other areas that are like that as well. It sounds wonderful, but it isn't necessarily bucolic.

      "Like-minded people" is an oxymoron. Where there are two people there are three opinions. This could be a kink in the wire.

      With satellites, GPS, drones, and militarized vehicles, isolation does not necessarily mean safety. How could even a large group of people take a stand? We have even recent history to prove otherwise.

      If they find you with a big (or little) dog and a gun, with the poor home owner not knowing if it is a home invasion or the SWAT team, they will kill the dog first and then you with the gun, whether the safety is on or not. At least that is what I understand what has been happening lately.

      This is not sour grapes. I would move, but that doesn't assure safety, food, or stealth. Some would argue that out in the boon docks, no matter how much one is prepared, it doesn't work. It didn't work for the Rhodesian/Zimbabwe colonial farmers. It isn't working for the SA Afrikaner (majority) farmers either. These two groups of people are rugged people and based on my readings would make most Americans look like whimps.

      The jury is out on how all of this will play out. We must all make our decisions the best way we can.

    2. You are right about the plight of Zimbabwe (former Rhodesian) colonial farmers as being an awesome example of government persecution. Montana Gal and I watched 'Mugabe and the White African' (available via Netflix). Wow... If anyone has any doubts about what evil governments are capable of, they should watch this documentary. What struck us most is how the farmers resisted. Families were of one mind. They made tremendous sacrifices. OK, they lost but they gave it all they had.

      That said, the Zimbabwe (or Rhodesian) government never feared their farmers. There is much for any government (including our own) to fear of armed Americans, especially here in The Redoubt. We lived in beautiful rural Maine for decades but believe us when we say it can’t hold a candle to size in the fight in Patriots out here. Woe to any government that tries to disarm us. They had better be prepared to die because we are. Patriots here will never forget the Federal massacre at Ruby Ridge.
      Montana Gal and I wish you and ‘hubs’ the best.
      Montana Guy

    3. So because no place is 100 percent safe you choose to do nothing? God expects us to be watchmen for our homes and to be prepared as possible. Which usually means making difficult choices.
      Succotash Rose

    4. Thank you so much to everyone who replied to my questions. Nice to also read your response, Patrice, and I am looking forward to you putting up a separate post about this.
      I like the idea of the bow and arrows even just to start with. I will have to do some reading up on that since I'm pretty sure that if I wish to buy a crossbow I have to have some kind of goofy fire arms license. No thanks to the Liberal party that started all this Gun Control nonsense.
      I have learned so much on this blog; so many awesome ideas! And yes, I had already thought of what Anonymous (Oct 25, 8:41 am) mentioned regarding not posting all the survival tips online. I was afraid that some of you might get the wrong idea about the advice I have been seeking.
      Your replies at least give me a place to start. I look forward to your future post about this topic, Patrice.
      Thank you again, everyone.


  6. I bought enough supplies, to keep all my black powder weapons goin the rest of my life. That is i will make my own bullets and powder as i go. Also raise chickens and shoot 3 deer a year, and butcher myself. To hunt I use an excalibur recurve crossbow. (awesome weapon) You can kill ANYTHING with it. Not cheap but it will last a lifetime. Buy 1 set of extra limbs and a couple strings and your good. If you can have a big garden and can, or dry the produce. We do both. But we do live on a farm.

  7. Sorry guess i wasn't quite on topic, We are lucky enough to have a place to "bugout" to but as we all know they can find you anywhere you go. If tshtf, i doubt the feds are gonna come up into the mountains to get your stuff. But I'd definitely dig some holes up there,away from living space.

  8. I'm sorry but I must reply before folks stake their lives on misinformation.

    As to the statement "ammunition will eventually run out', Google 'reloading' or visit any gun show. The thousands of liberty-loving people I know will NOT be running out of ammo anytime soon. Factory ammo is pretty much available now. Yes ammo costs are rising but why? Google 'NDAA' and you'll find why liberty-loving people are trying to bolster their preps. Also many believe ammo is the 'new currency'. Read 'Patriots' by James Rawles and see how a Corvette faired in value to a box of 22LR. Fiction? Yes, but dismiss it lightly at your own risk.

    Louis and Clark never met a SWAT team. Jack-booted SWAT thugs are the enforcers of today’s Police State. Meeting them at your door with an air rifle will not end well.
    Montana Guy

  9. Unfortunately, it is very true that even so-called "tangible assets" in the form of farm animals, equipment and canned goods could be confiscated/stolen or destroyed by thieves or the government, as well as firearms or real estate. Being in a "rural" or "Redoubt" are is no insurance either. With satellite imagery/Google Earth technology, anyone can be found in any area. Ultimately there is very little that we can be sure of keeping as our own under desperate situations. Not to belittle the "prepping" community, I myself am acquiring basic food/necessities and skills, and becoming more self-reliant but I think it is false security to think that somehow these things could not also be taken from us. If for any reason we have to flee our homes we would not be able to bring along many of these things either. I am not advocating fatalism, I think realistic preparations are very important, but be aware that we can never be completely in control of our lives.

    I agree with the archery idea, it also has the advantage of being silent. In an extreme situation, a bow and arrows can also be home-made, although I would advise a lot of practice first before relying on that. In my situation (rural neighborhood) I would try for multiple smaller caches, as opposed to one larger one.

  10. When I was growing up in the 50's, we were afraid of atomic bombs. In the sixties, I worked hard in school and as a waitress to make money; I didn't have time to fear. In the seventies we protested against the war in Vietnam. In the 80's and 90's we were rearing children, again too busy to be afraid. In 2001 thru 2008 we socked money away. Now I am back to where I started, except I do not fear the Russians. I fear our own government.

    If that is how I end, so be it. I am right with God and my neighbors. Realistically, even if I owned an assault weapon, I would not have a chance.

    1. Um , you couldn't own an 'assault" rifle. Unless you are licensed, of course. True you would need a couple Gatling guns and maybe a tank, to fight back and win. But even then you'd have to bug out forever afterward! I believe most posts are referring to maintaining lifestyle. At least I was.If you have seed on hand and fertile eggs, the Gov can never take it all. Especially if your rural surrounded by deer etc...