Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Book bomb and a big OOPS

As you may have heard, today is Book Bomb Day for James Wesley, Rawles' newest release, Expatriates.

However, all is not right. It seems there was a printing error -- not on the dust jacket, but on the book itself. "James" was printed as "John." Oops!

Here's the announcement on Survivalblog:

October 1st is Book Bomb Day for my latest novel, Expatriates: A Novel of the Coming Global Collapse. The book is available from most major bookstores. It can also be ordered from Amazon.com, BN.com, and many other online sellers. There are also Kindle book and audio book editions now available.

By now, I suppose that everyone has heard about the printing error at E.P. Dutton that resulted in 50,000 copies of the First Edition, First Printing of Expatriates having the hardcover spines (underneath the dust jacket) printed: "John Wesley, Rawles." The news media will undoubtedly be reporting this glitch. (I've made the spine images available at my Media Page.) This is newsworthy because it is not a common occurrence!

Because of the print error, only the first 26,000 copies of the hardback edition will go on sale today (October 1st, 2013.) A rush print order of revised books should be available and shipping within two weeks. The Kindle book and audio book editions were of course not affected, so their release is also proceeding, as scheduled.

The 26,000 copies already shipped to retailers with the printing error will probably become collector's items. (I'm assuming that the rest of the 50,000 copy First Press Run will be destroyed, or have new covers or labels applied.)

Free replacement copies will be available, if you'd prefer. (See the note from my publisher, below.) - J.W.R

I can only imagine the consternation at the publisher's. Major oops!

Since this seems to be a rather unprecedented event, the original misprinted book may actually turn out to be somewhat more valuable than the correctly-printed version. (Funny how those things work.)

At any rate, if you want an edge-of-your-seat thriller good read, please considering ordering Expatriates -- misprinted or not.


  1. Actually I like the idea of always knowing my book was one the early first editions.

    Of course anyone worried about an insignificant typo REALLY needs to change their priorities!. Let's pray that Mr. Rawles' book helps them.
    Montana Guy

  2. That's okay James, mistakes happen. Why on one of The Obama's books His Bio stated for years that He was born in Kenya...