Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jonathan and Charlotte

Younger Daughter brought to my attention a tremendously talented duo who won second place in the 2012 Britain's Got Talent competition who go by their first names, Jonathan and Charlotte. Like Paul Potts a few years go, Jonathan is overweight, has no confidence, and presents a grim picture. Yet his soaring, massive, extraordinary operatic tenor voice absolutely floored the judges and brought the house to its feet in cheers and applause. Their audition is here.

At first Charlotte presented a less strong presence, but she more than made up for it in the semi-finals, when she lent her singing talents toward an operatic rendition and outdid herself.

Their finalist performance is here.

While they didn't win the 2012 competition (they came in second), within days they had a million-dollar recording contract. The most amazing thing? Both these young people are seventeen years old.

These videos will make your day.


  1. I remember seeing these videos!

    They were absolutely amazing... and when the one judge told Jonathan at the audition that he needed to continue without Charlotte (who was the one who had worked to get him there), Jonathan was a real class act when he refused to ditch his best friend.

    Glad they got a contract!

    I remember Paul Potts, too. Another one who absolutely stunned the judges.

    We don't watch the shows, but we'll watch the videos online of acts that have gone viral because they're so stunningly good.

  2. Being famous and getting a big contract is not very Biblical, nor is it Christian. The media industry, is, in fact, the antithesis of God. This does not mean that I am against a beautiful singing voice, but those who are motivated to be on these shows are bitten by vanity.

    The music industry is really no place for a Christian to be. As an amateur musician, playing with a community orchestra, I usually play classical music. I play with some very good "semi" professionals. I have also had opportunities to play operas. These are singers from small "community" opera companies. Many of them sing beautifully. Fame through music? It isn't what most people think it is.

    1. I disagree. If God gave them this gift, why shouldn't they share it if that's how they feel led?

      I have no idea if they are Christians. This is the first I had heard of them or seen them. I was moved to tears. God truly blesses everyone. Not always in the ways one would expect, but every blessing is beautiful. I'm very glad that they shared their blessings with the world.

    2. There are a number of things that are not biblical or Christian, but none-the-less are not immoral. These two kids hardly look or act the part of pridefulness. They are simply sharing their talent (as you note you do as well), so why should one judge them on the platform they chose? Or their capitalizing on the talent they have? Do you consider the author of this blog vain, non-Christian, anti-biblical because of her writing contracts?

      I must say though that you comment brought me a chuckle by reminding me of 'Sister Bertha Better Than You' from the old Ray Stevens song Mississippi Squirrel Revival. Now that is one funny talented fella!

    3. I would like to respectfully disagree. We need Christians in every arena, sharing their witness and working at the top of their game. When we do, this world will be the better place that Jesus came to improve. DWLee3

  3. What awesome friends and so talented! Fame or not, these kids are so much more than just performers, they are teens who are telling peer pressure to take a hike!


  4. Ditto here!

    Also, I am reminded of why I love opera so much.

    When well sung, opera delivers an emotional punch that can't be denied. The heart couldn't be any more on the singer's sleeve and the listener can't help but be swept up in the storm!


    Just me

  5. These guys have alot of talent too...check out their youtube channel for other great farm related videos

    A Fresh Breath of Farm Air (Fresh Prince Parody)


  6. Have you seen the current winners? They are a shadow dance troupe. This is their audition.
    Get out the tissues. Or Google Attraction shadow dance.


  7. I've had the audition bookmarked for a while. I love these two! Their audition brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it.

    1. I "discovered" this duo earlier this year and I love them! Such amazing talent! I wish them continued sucess and happiness.