Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy birthday, honey!

Today is my beloved husband's birthday! We've had a hard day of work and barely had time for a break, but earlier in the week the girls and I bought him some yummy stuff.

If there's one thing this man loves, it's hearty sandwiches (think Dagwood Bumstead and you'll have the right idea). So we indulged him in pastrami, roast beef, salami, Swiss cheese, rolls, tomatoes, and avocados.

We stored all the goodies in our neighbor's fridge until this morning (the neighbor kindly donated a bottle of sparkling cider as well, to mark the occasion).

So Happy Birthday sweetheart -- I love you to pieces!


  1. So jealous that you guy's have Winco nearby. We have a couple in the Phoenix Metro area however it's literally 46 miles away so it's not a place we frequent :(

  2. My late wife used to surprise me with goodies like this. Your post reminded me of the great 57 years she and I shared together.

    Hangtown Frank

  3. Happy Birthday to a great Dad and Husband. Wish we could clone you!!!!!

  4. I worked in the WinCo deli in Moscow for 4 years, the food brings back memories! Hope your hubby had a great b-day.

  5. Happy Birthday and Best Wishes Don!!!
    Enjoy your special day with yummy sandwiches and take a little break.

  6. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)October 6, 2012 at 10:22 AM

    Happy Birthday! You are so lucky to have such a great family - and they are so lucky to have such a great husband and dad! Enjoy this very special day.

  7. Happy birthday to a lucky feller. peace, shadowfaxhound

  8. Happy Birthday to the Husband of the Boss! :)


  9. Happy Birthday to the Husband of the Boss! :)


  10. AWWW! So sweet! Aren't families the greatest!
    Happy Birthday! God's blessings are the best!

  11. Happy Birthday Don, enjoy those wonderful sandwiches.

  12. hi, this post has nothing to do with what is here.

    just curious, I have left over beef stew & I was wondering if you have a page on canning up beef stew, or how long I would pressure can it for? I'm assuming because of the meat in it, I would do it at the 10 lbs for 90 min.

    Also maybe a suggestion, to put a search box on your blog cause sometimes unless i am actually in a comments box, I can't seem to find your archives.

    Thanks for everything

    1. Oops, I'm so sorry Shalaee -- somehow I missed your question until much later. But to answer it, you're correct -- anything with meat in it should be pressure canned at 10 lbs for 75 minutes (pints) or 90 minutes (quarts). You'll have to adjust the pressure according to your elevation as well.

      For archives, scroll down until you come to the "Key Words" on the left-hand column of the blog, and you can look things up by subject.

      Hope this helps!

      - Patrice