Monday, March 29, 2010

Update on Riley

You may remember our 15-year-old neighbor boy Riley who suffered a hideous accident last month in which he accidentally amputated his left thumb and forefinger. I posted an earlier update here. He was over visiting yesterday evening and I told him I wanted a picture of his cast so I could put an update on my blog. Before I could stop him, he said "Here, I'll take it off." I hadn't realized he'd graduated to one of those removable braces.

He says he has feeling in both digits and can move them. Naturally he's undergoing physical therapy, but the doctors are confident he'll have a full recovery. He'll have scars, of course, but like any typical boy he's immensely proud of his battle wounds and doesn't hesitate to show anyone who cares to see, LOL. I have to admire his attitude, which doubtless contributed to his recovery.

Thank God for modern medicine!


  1. Thank God, The Master-Healer!!! That's what we prayed for! Ky in MO

  2. Well alright Riley! That is looking good. At your age I think you will be in good shape. Partially because you will be forced to use it. Those surgeons are amazing.