Friday, March 5, 2010

Quote of the Day

"I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born."

--Ronald Reagan


  1. Reagan's 100th birthday is coming up next year. Folks might be interested in celebratory activities in their area. This link will help...

    But that's probably where you got the Quote of the Day!

    Steve Davis

  2. We need another Reagan, don't we!

  3. thanks for your stand against abortion

    btw, i greatly enjoyed your article "I wanted to be a scientist" at another website

    i have had similar experiences with regards to the fields of psychology and medicine - and even classical music

    now I know why the Bible says that anyone who is a friend of the world is an enemy of God

  4. We are required as people of conscience and good will to defend those who cannot speak for themselves (the unborn). Reagan, as we all know, would certainly admit that he was not the last word on that. I believe the Bible has that.

  5. We definitely need another Reagan. Please dear Lord, send us another Reagan!

  6. Hi, A friend just referred me to your blog. She said that when she reads your blog she thinks of me.....I can see why! I related from the moment I saw it. Thanks.

  7. Hi Patrice,

    I know this is an older post, but I wanted to comment/ask advice on the subject and didn't want to post on the most recent and have it be off topic. My husband and I are pro-life Christians. I read your blog regularly and have great respect for your Godly wisdom. I would like your input and opinion. I realize you won't know every nuance and detail of our situation but the important part is this: My daughter is a nurse in pre-op and post-op at a major hospital. We just found out the hospital performs abortions. She is a Christian. My husband (her step dad) and I are shocked that she is working there and feel she should quit and not support abortion by working there. We had not addressed this with her and her husband. We are praying and seeking Godly advise. My husband strongly feels we should have nothing to do with them as long as she continues to work there. I don't know if this strong of a stand is the best solution. Any thoughts?

  8. Hi Brenda:

    That's a thorny dilemma all right. What follows are some off-the-top-of-my-head ideas.

    When you say the hospital does abortions, you might want to find out what kind. About the only time I (cough) "support" abortion is when the mother's life is in danger, i.e. an ectopic pregnancy. In those cases, I can understand when that option is chosen. (I don't like it; but I understand it.) Does the hospital limit its abortions to cases like that, or is it an abortion-on-demand facility? I'm not aware if hospitals do abortions on demand, but then I'm not involved in hospital work either.

    But I remember when a dear friend's pregnancy ended at six months when her baby died in utero. She had to have an "abortion" to expel the baby. She is grateful the hospital staff knew how to bring her baby into the world whole, rather than cut up, so she and her husband could hold their tiny daughter and say goodbye.

    Since your daughter is Christian, does the hospital have a chaplain to whom she can bring her concerns?

    Before you form a *serious* rift in your family by having nothing to do with your daughter and her husband, have you spoken candidly to her about her thoughts on the issue? Perhaps she's looking for work at another hospital. Perhaps she is able to influence a doctor against advising an abortion. Perhaps she can care for post-abortion patients and help them see why an abortion wasn't a good thing and, by doing so, help them avoid future abortions. Perhaps she can get active on the hospital board to change its policies. (Just throwing out ideas here; I have no idea how a hospital environment works.)

    Bear in mind that I wouldn't necessarily say she is "supporting abortion" by working there. Sometimes to effect a big change, SOMEONE has to begin making small quiet changes. Your daughter could be one of those quiet, influential people. She could be the yeast that will make its way through the entire batch of dough. Sometimes people like your daughter can have long-term impacts in ways we can't see in the here-and-now.

    In other words, don't be hasty and cut your daughter and son-on-law adrift over this issue. Unless your daughter is militantly pro-abortion and thinks abortions are the greatest thing since sliced bread (which does NOT sound like the case), then who knows what changes and benefits your daughter could bring to her work environment? Who knows what patients she could minister to or what lives she could change?

    I'll assume she has prayed for guidance on what to do. God's ways are not our ways, and perhaps it is His will she stay where she is and witness as she can.

    Just some thoughts. I hope they help.

    - Patrice

  9. I have a question. First let me give some background. I am asking a serious question even though you may think the answers is clear. I was pro-life for many years, but I don't think I ever took the time to ask myself why? As a Catholic I am expected to be one. I have one child, but never wanted any until I had him. I did think about abortion for all of a split second, but that's me. I could not have one. The problem I am having is with this. I did not have a good mother, thank god she never got the chance to raise me. But for too many kids who are born to women who are more like Satan than people, would it not be better to be dead than to be raised by them? I say that thinking about whether I would have chosen to be aborted or raised by my own mother. I would not wish her upon anyone much less a child. My other thought is this, Do all children to go heaven? I mean they can't sin and be held accountable right? God is a loving God who shows much mercy, he would not send a child to hell before he even got the chance to decide to be good or not. So my thought is this, while I do know that abortion is murder and you are killing a child, (I don't think its just a glob) and yes its wrong, on the other hand, if all aborted children are going to heaven, are the people who are doing these abortions sending all these kids to heaven? My thought is this, if a so called mother can go into a doctors office and say, please kill my child I no longer want it, we may not want her raising kids to begin with. She is probably not a Christian who is going to raise this kid in the knowledge of God. So there is a chance that this child is going to grow up in a home that did not want him in the first place and he may know all of this, and if he doesn't somehow become a Christian before he dies, we say he is going to hell. Would it not have been better to let his mother kill him and send him to heaven before she had the chance to ruin him and send him to hell? Do you see my dilemma? I assure you I am being serious. I have poised this question to others and have not got a good answers yet. I see the moral wrong to killing a Pre-born human, but on the other hand, I want to see as many people get into heaven as possible. Why suffer through this hellish world and hope that a few make it when we can rejoice in all the children who are being spared horrible parents who never wanted them and maybe even abuse them because of their hate for these kids. I am basing much of this on my own life. While I was spared my evil mother by a loving grandmother, I see the kids that she did get to do harm to, none of them are Christians, and I doubt they ever will be.
    Yes I have even considered the adoption of these kids, and great if that really does happen, but we all know that adoptions in the states is hard to do and very expensive, and even though a woman does not want kids, she will keep them just so she can collect the welfare money. Her child care is paid for, where she can be free of her children for most of the day and then when she does have to be around them, she can just plop them in front of
    the TV with some fast food and forget they exists. Its not a good life at all, and again, I ask is it worth it? Why not
    Just let them have a free pass into heaven where they will be loved? I am not saying either that as Christians we should just give abortion a free pass, its still wrong, but God works for the good for the people who love him. Sorry for being so long, but I am hoping you can put this to rest for me. I have prayed about this, and I still don't feel that I am any closer to having any kind
    Of answers. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may
    have. I look forward to hearing from you and your thoughts.