Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Watch out for those trolls...

A friend sent me this. This isn't one of those internet rumors - this actually happened!

[UPDATE: Whoops!! Yes, it IS an internet rumor. Oh well, still funny...]
So today a friend (Steve) told me about this....

Steve's friend called him, distraught, because her 20 year-old son who has Down's Syndrome called her at work and said "Momma! I caught a troll! I caught a troll!" The young man has always had a very active imagination so she didn't think a lot about it. She told him that was nice and that he could tell her all about it when she got home.

When she got home her son was STILL going on and on about the troll he'd caught. He took her into the bedroom and opened the closet door and there was... A WOMAN. A DWARF WOMAN.

She apparently was selling something door-to-door and the young man with Down's thought she was a troll.

Oh man.

I don't know if there will be charges filed. Whether there is or not, can you imagine how horrifying this experience must have been for this woman?! OHMYGOODNESS!


  1. I have to say that is funny in a innocent kind of way. I know several DS adult and I'm sure he didn't hurt her. But having said, the woman I'm positive was terrified. It's one of those chuckle/gasp moments.

  2. Maybe she was a dwarf clairvoyant who had escaped from prison?
    A Small Medium at Large.

  3. fake or not it is tooooo funny. I used to work and live with 6 DS women and sometimes they were so funny in their innocence. They loved telling my mother that my room was not cleaned up (now remember I had 6 people to take care and my room was always the last to be cleaned up!) She would tell them to remind me to clean my room and she would laugh and laugh and they would laugh. Their ability to have unconditional love was something I will never never forget. No matter how upset I would get sometimes with them. They would alway wake up the next morning and laugh at me. What a lesson!