Saturday, March 27, 2010

Random pix


Tax time.

Once, long ago, I tried using QuickBooks to do our taxes and hated it. Hated it with a searing, loathing passion. I'm not overly computer literate at best, and trying to fit our unusual home business into the pre-ordained slots set by the software drove me to cussing some creatively bad words and pulling my hair out, literally.

So I do our taxes by hand. Month by month. Tally tally tally. Document document document. Works beautifully, doesn't take too long, and I have paperwork up the whazoo if we're ever audited.

Plus our tax preparer is superb and she loves the way I do things, so I figure I'll just keep it up.


  1. Those are great pics. I must get another camera. I love the animal shots. Too cool.

  2. You should add the tax photo to your "Evolution of a Farmhouse Table" blog.