Friday, January 1, 2010

Snowmobile trail closed due to traffic....

A friend sent me these photos - don't know who took them, but I thought they were pretty neat.


  1. Wow! Annie, get your gun!

  2. While this is a great picture, let me relay a story that happened here in NorthEastern Nevada. There is a tiny picturesque town about 10 minutes from us. There was a deer herd about this size that lived there. People would come from miles around to hand feed them. We did it on several occasions. It filled us with awe to have this wild creature eating from the palm of your hand, licking your fingers, (until one bit me so hard it broke clear through my finger nail). But when the food ran out "Bambi" got angry and started getting aggressive. They started go after children and small pets, one ladies dog needed over 350 stitches to patch it back up. After a couple of genreations they forgot how to migrate. Fish and Game had to tranquilize the entire herd and move them in the dead of night to an undisclosed location. They were afraid that hunters would decimate the whole herd. You have to give them at least a fighting chance. We had to learn the hard way. There are still a lot of deer in the area, but we have to give them their space and for their own good, dont feed them. They still fill us with awe when 20 of them in laying in the front yard, (except when they eat my strawberries and maple tree), but in order to keep them around here, we dont try to touch them. That being said, I would have loved to have been standing at the top of that lane and watching them that day. :)

  3. It looks like a giant salt-lick!!! Great shot!

    Gracie Wray