Friday, January 15, 2010

Hobbit houses, anyone?

Who doesn't dream about living in a hobbit house tucked into a hillside?

Here are a couple examples of people who have done just that. The first was built on a shoestring budget in Wales:

The next was a pricier version featured in the magazine Fine Home Building:

I think you'll agree that both are cozy and warm and immensely appealing!


  1. Those houses are fabulous. I would love to have one! I built an underground house once. Lesson learned. Never build on property you don't own. The owner decided to sell the property along with my hovel.
    One day I will do it again, on my own land.

  2. This is very relevant for me right now. I'm taking a class on Tolkien and we were just looking at pictures of hobbit houses in class! I was excited to see more examples on your blog!

  3. I would love to have a house like that, I can't help but be reminded of Laura Ingalls Wilder's book On the banks of Plum Creek when they lived in a little dug out. Nice and warm in winter and cool in summer.