Saturday, January 9, 2010

"A perfect laboratory for leftist policies at work"

Here's a remarkable (and depressing!) YouTube clip on the twilight of Detroit. It's long - thirteen minutes - so it will take awhile to buffer, but well worth watching as an example of how liberalism and the entitlement mentality brought a once-great city to its knees.


  1. Steven Crowder was born in Detroit but grew up in Canada. He is a comedian and commentator for PJTV.

    Here is a link to the rest of his work:


  2. Hmm, well we all know that the primary employer in Detroit has always been the auto industry. The US auto industry has been ailing for at least 30 years back when Chrysler was first bailed out. So placing the blame solely on "liberalism," as the guy in the video does, is disingenuous. Like everything there were multiple factors at work. Shoddy workmanship was certainly another factor.

  3. Actually it's not that disingenuous when you consider that those same manufacturers are successful elsewhere in the world. Why? UNIONS. Hence the shoddy workmanship. A friend had lunch in Detroit with an Engineer from one of those manufacturers about a year ago. He told of a recent problem with an employee putting a part in incorrectly resulting in a malfunction when it got to the QC check. They talked to the employee and tried to explain how to correctly put the part in place only to be rebuffed and referred to his union rep. The union rep told them to stop harassing the employee. Result: They hired another employee to work on the line after the original employee to correct the situation. That's at least two people who should have been fired IMHO. Add that to exorbitant wages and benefits and you have a large part of the problem. Unions, by the way, are supported by liberals. When Chrysler was first bailed out. Lee Iaccoca brought them back to quality and they repaid the bailout. Let's see if Chrysler and their union owners can do that this time. But don't hold your breath. :-)

  4. Hi Patrice,

    It's me again, Ruby Cowgirl...I was raised a few streets away from the first foto..which was the train station. That area was once very beautiful inside. There was a nice park (Roosevelt Park) across from it and also very nice. It's sad to see it even more depressing than when I left it about eight years ago. It's a very democratic and welfare city and practically none/poor work. This entire country is very government dependent and it's only going to get worse. There are more people than ever that are on welfare and that does nothing to help the people with a sense of purpose or pride. Detroit really was nice before the riots in the 60's.


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