Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fetal hand

This photo has been circulating for over ten years. As a result, many urban legends have sprung up surrounding it, most originating from the pro-life crowd. And with good reason. It's one of the most remarkable pictures ever taken.

For those unfamiliar with this picture, it shows a groundbreaking medical procedure to correct a spina bifida condition in utero. The doctor removed the uterus from the mother, operated on the fetus, and re-inserted the uterus back in the mother. The surgery was successful.

In the midst of the surgery, the baby's hand reflexively grasped the doctor's finger.

Whatever your views of abortion, I think you'll agree the hand grasping the doctor's finger is NOT a blob of protoplasm, as the pro-abortion proponents would have us believe. Blobs of protoplasm don't grasp fingers. It is a living human being in there, not yet ready to face life. It's easy to see why the pro-lifers adopted this picture to rally for their cause.

Here's some additional information on the surprising controversy surrounding the photo.


  1. I've always loved that picture. To me, abortion is murder. Plain and simple.

  2. That is true Sharon, but the bible says: vengence is mine I shall repay. I will pray for the man who just got life in prison for killing that awful abortionist in Kansas. I hope he will be alright.

  3. Thanks for posting a touching picture & taking a stand against the murder of the innocent unborn.

  4. OK, you got me wound up! A woman might say it is her body and she can do what she wants to with her body including aborting a child. I say, IT IS NOT your body when you are pregnant, and from the day of conception you are SHARING YOUR BODY WITH ANOTHER HUMAN BEING! I don't know where some women get the idea that it is HER body when there is another life living within. I am not a religious person, but if there is a GOD above, surely he must be angry at all the abortions that go on daily in this country.

  5. Thanks Patrice, I love that picture.

    You know, I used to be staunchly pro-choice. I still believe that pro-life protesters' time would be better used supporting the mothers that would have had an abortion, or caring for the children that would have been aborted...

    ...and I guess I'm going to have to march myself down to my local Crisis Pregnancy Center or something and find me a scared young mom to mentor, because I can't bring myself to vote pro-choice any more.

    Not since someone-- who was supposed to be in the business of taking care of babies-- tried to pressure me into aborting my last little one. Why?? Well, there's a little bit of Asperger's on one side of the family (I have it). There's a little bit of ADHD on the other side (Hubby might have it). Some of us have been depressed.

    YEAH-- that's not choice. That woman showed open contempt for my right to choose when the choice I made didn't agree with the one she wanted. That's EUGENICS, pure and ugly-- and eugenics taken to an extreme even Hitler didn't espouse at that.

    I can't vote to empower those kinds of people any more.

    So PLEASE-- vote to take the power to apply that kind of pressure out of their hands. Vote pro-life.

    And then live it. Be a mentor to someone who was all too human and now has to deal with the consequences. Pharisees turn their backs on sinners. Jesus loves them.

  6. do you all known that this is from a episode of doctor house don't you?