Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The evolution of a farmhouse table

We salvaged our kitchen table many years ago from the dump. Apparently it used to be a schoolroom table, and shortly after we were married my husband came upon some people who were crushing dozens of tables. I can't imagine why they didn't sell them instead - our table must weigh fifty or sixty pounds and is solid as a rock.

At any rate, here's what this table sees in a typical week:

Messy jobs like cutting up beef fat to make tallow:

Clean jobs like folding clothes:



Breakfast biscuits:

Fresh-baked sugar cookies:

A friend's puzzle:

Gluing handles on tankards to fill an order:

Tea with a friend:

General daily chaos:

The sun shining through glass candlesticks.

Our morning wake-up beverages.

Taxes, ug.

Making apple pies.

Chicken turnovers.

I'll add more photos as our table evolves.


  1. That table has character, I also see wonderdog isn't straying far from the pie setting upon it. ;-)

  2. That table will outlast many a new one made today. Wish I had it along with a nice farm.

    See Ya.

  3. The table has a family with love that surrounds it daily making memories that will last a lifetime.

  4. Those chicken turnovers look soooo good. Are they easy to make????Would love to learn how to make them.
    I love your table!....such a blessing that you have such an awesome blog. I've been looking through it for almost two hours. It beats watching