Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bats in our belfry

Our oldest daughter came tearing out of the chicken coop the other day, where she was feeding and watering. "Mom, there's a BAT in the chicken coop!"

Sure enough, what was probably a Myotis lucifugus (Little Brown Bat) was clinging to the side wall of the coop.

Bat have been known carry rabies, so never capture a bat without gloves. This one squeaked bloody murder when I picked it up, but then it clung to the glove.

Our kids excitedly called to some neighbor children, so I showed it to everyone before trying to transfer it to the trunk of a tree.

Instead the bat lifted off and fluttered gracefully away, to the gasps of delight from the five kids who had collected to watch it.


  1. we had the teeniest bat i've ever seen that used to hang around on our front porch - it was no larger than a big moth - it would disappear every night and be sound asleep there by morning.

  2. Any bat that you can catch, is probably rabid!

    It's been 3 years, none of you have died, but... that was a close call.

    Please be a lot more paranoid next time.