Saturday, August 29, 2009

Alpha citizens

In response to last week's column on disciplining brats, a reader sent in the following comment:
I have written the following to several people in the conservative media, but no one seems to get it. I know you will. Thanks for writing something that has been so desperately needed ever since Dr. Spock published his foolishness.

I'm an equine veterinarian now in my 43rd year of practice. I mention that because I have observed something happening at the town hall protests that reminds me of a principle that is fundamental to training horses... establishing that you are alpha to the horse. In every herd there is an alpha mare, stallion, or gelding and every horse placed in training will test your status (you and the horse are a herd of two), and if you are not alpha then he or she will be. There are kind and gentle techniques that wise trainers use to establish that they are dominant, but sometimes a horse will bite, strike, or kick in an attempt to intentionally hurt you. That is when you send all witnesses away, revert to the language of their momma, and take care of business until they get the message in the only way they will understand AT THE MOMENT. If it is done effectively you might never have to do it again. If you establish you are alpha, then life is good, but if the horse continues to be alpha you are in an untenable position.

I've heard several talking heads exhorting people to treat their elected officials with respect, but what I see are people establishing who is alpha in the only language these elected buffoons understand AT THE MOMENT. For far too long the "officials" have been alpha and we have been instructed to call and email them, respectfully, while they continue to impose laws that hurt us. Your momma gave you a middle name for a reason, and our elected officials need to hear theirs used like Mom did when we misbehaved and she established who was alpha in a heartbeat.

John Hunt, DVM
Carthage , Indiana


  1. I love it! So true!! Spot on Dr. Hunt.

  2. It seems like the closer a person is to nature the better they understand the nature of man.

  3. I definitely went down memory lane with the comment on Mom using my middle name, I knew I was in BIG trouble if my whole name was used, it was usually followed by a swat or two.