Sunday, August 30, 2009

Snark of the week

Oooh, someone doesn't like me!

In response to this weekend's column (the title of which doesn't thrill me - I originally called it "The Death of Responsibility"), a reader wrote the following in the "Digg" section:

"She has the intellectual clarity of Palin, the racism of Rush, the moral turpitude of a junk yard dog, and the logic of a three year old."

So let me get this straight. If I suggest (in the column) that Americans stop their lunatic dependency on government largess (which always has strings attached) and instead strive to be as independent and responsible as possible... then somehow I'm intellectually deficient? A racist? Morally bankrupt? And illogical?

Wow. Imagine that.


  1. we must pray harder for them - this is all they know - state a fact, they call you a liar; show them a living proof video and they'll deny it ever occurred.

    everything you stated in the article is true, yet you're vilified with trash talk.

    2 chronicles 7:14 - this is the only way our nation will rise from the septic system we've allowed ourselves to fall into.

  2. I read your article on WND, Patrice,
    I thought it presented a reasonable argument for personal responsibility.

    And I read that comment. All I can say is, "neognostic" is an intellectual and emotional juvenile. My, my, I wonder if he/she had to break out a thesaurus to make that comment.

    Your article was concise and right to the point.

    I'm afraid these days the swamp of government handouts has turned this nation into a nursery full of whiny babies.

    Imagine what neognostic could actually accomplish if he/she had ever learned to be independent...but that was the point of your article, wasn't it?

    I do enjoy your writing,

  3. Your "way of life" used to be the way everyone lived. That was the norm. Most of us now are not living for self sufficiency, most are living to be dependant on the government, stores, electricity, etc. There was a lot less illegal activity,welfare,etc., in the past because people had to work in order to survive. Too bad we all don't/can't live the kind of life you have, you lived a resposible life or you did not survive.
    Don't pay attention to snarky people, consider the source and ignore them. They will be the ones crying the loudest when the government turns on them more then it has now!

  4. Thank you, everyone, for your kind words!

    - Patrice

  5. Sounds like the person who left the nasty comment is the moral turpitude of a junk yard dog, and has the brain size of a knat! Possibly ill because he/she needs another government handout, free government insurance and another welfare check to get free food while packing it in and driving away in a brand new mercedes! When are ya gonna stop ya whining, get off ya tail, do something for a living and just shut up! This comment was left by a right wing, gun toten, bible carrying, church goin citizen of the United Stated of America, as for now, still a free Country! Let's pray it stays that way! Prayer is the only answer!

  6. When the left (and I assume this person is a liberal) starts name calling, it's usually because they have no legitimate and/or logical response. It's from Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinksy. Demonize the opponent. I love your blog. I just discovered (6/26/10) and am reading it through. I'm also a mystery author and am not getting that next mystery in the series done.