Friday, August 21, 2009

Sorry, can't resist - more puppy pictures!

Lydia is settling in nicely, though we're keeping the poor little girl on the run.

We took her to the lake a few days ago:

Naturally everyone had to pet her...

Purloining an illicit role of toilet paper...

We were invited to a neighbor girl's Renaissance-themed birthday picnic in a nearby park. Since we can't leave Lydia at home (yet), she came with us.

On the boardwalk through the marshes:

Spanning the circumference of a big tree:

Home for some chow...

A drink...

And a much-needed nap!

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  1. Hi Patrice, I have one of her sisters and we've named her Bella (because she is so beautiful). These are the nicest dogs anyone will ever own. So sweet and docile. We keep Bella in a large dog crate, bed at 9:30pm and up around 5:30am. Never had one accident in the crate. They really can hold it all night given the chance. Good luck with your beautiful girl.
    Sheryl in N Idaho