Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's a small world after all...

(Emily Bay, Norfolk Island, South Pacific)

In response to my oblique comment to Norfolk Island in this week's column, I received the most charming email from a Norfolk Islander, inviting me to come visit (she even hinted that my visit should become permanent).

It's tempting...oh so tempting....

But what I find most amazing is how this delightful woman literally on the opposite side of the globe was able to pick up my reference to her home within hours of it being posted on WND. Wow. What a small world after all.

Coral, I thank you for the kind invitation to visit. Someday, finances permitting, I would love to accept.


  1. Oh I may join you, especially after realizing I have had many blog visitors from Washington DC come to my blog after my posts about Health Care and Cash for Clunkers, and their request for people to let them know about people who don't agree with them...I really again enjoyed your column at WND.

  2. I noticed someone comment that you write columns on WND? If so, how can someone come to write on WND. I don't see anything on the site that you can fill out to show their interest in writing for their site. Any suggestions?
    Thank You! LA - Alabama

  3. I'm sorry, LA - I somehow missed your comment or I would have replied earlier. If you're interested in writing for WND, you might try contacting the columns editor, Ron Strom, at

    That's how I did it. Good luck!

    - Patrice