Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hurricane Lydia strikes again

Now that Lydia has lost her initial new-family shyness, she's become a true (ahem) puppy. Meaning, she's into everything. She's so incredibly mellow when compared to other dogs we've had, but she's still a puppy! We've started calling her "Hurricane Lydia."

I'll try not to turn this into a "puppy blog" except when the urge becomes irresistible.

On our morning walks...

Naptime strikes again.

Naughty dog. She climbed the couch on the backside and we caught her standing on the stove. Good thing the burners weren't on!

How can anyone resist this face?

She's still small enough that she can cram under the bookshelf in my office. That won't last much longer - she's growing so fast.

Plastering her warm little body against a fan after a walk...

Yep, fun dog.


  1. Thank you for my puppy fix. Almost makes me want a dog. Unfortunately can't fit my lifestyle.
    Keep up dating the growth with pics please.

    See Ya

  2. I have a little pom. She will be three in november and only weighs 4.5 lbs. She is a mess alot of bark, no bite. I wish I could breed her but the vet says she is so small it could kill her. She's the smallest pom our vet has ever seen, a little toy! Her name is honey but we call her blowfish, a pile of hair on body with little stick legs coming out of all that hair, HILARIOUS!! I love my pom! :)

  3. what type of dog is she?