Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Hmmm. Facebook was down

I know it came as no surprise to those who are active on Facebook, but Facebook was down this morning.

I don't use Facebook except as a means of communicating with Younger Daughter at her overseas duty station, so I didn't really care. Nor do I use Instagram, which I understand also went down.

But a lot of people are questioning the timing.....


  1. The world has gotten so crazy anytime the power goes out or phones go out or something like this I wonder if this is the start of it all.

  2. Meh. It’s all badly run poorly managed crap.

    Two things worry me: How crazy people get when it happens— I texted a friend to say that Messenger wasn’t working and we’d have to use text messages, and promptly got back a load of conspiracy theories— and the fact that things we ACTUALLY depend on are equally poorly managed.