Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Baltimore bridge collapse

We've been following the terrible bridge collapse in Baltimore.

In addition to the tragic loss of life, it looks like the entire eastern seaboard might be impacted. Snippets from this article:

"The current issue revolves around an emerging disruption in mid-Atlantic supply chains. The major East Coast port is now paralyzed due to the mangled bridge blocking the only shipping lane in and out of the harbor. ... The supply chain snarls have sent major logistics companies scrambling across the US East Coast on Tuesday afternoon. ... Baltimore is the most inland port on the East Coast and is connected to the I-95 highway network. With no commercial vessels sailing in and out of port anytime soon, this is catastrophic for port operations and could spark supply chain snarls in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. We suspect inbound vessels are rerouting sails this morning. The bridge collapse has severed these major marine terminals. It's unknown when operations will be restored."

Coal: "Earlier, Consol Energy shares plunged nearly 10%, the most since October, as the bridge collapse will affect its massive coal terminal, which is served by CSX trains."

Sugar: "A major sugar refinery owned by American Sugar Refining Inc. warned its Domino Sugar refinery only has six to eight weeks of raw sugar supplies as the blockage affects ships moving in and out of the port."

Hazardous materials: "One very big logistical complication in the Baltimore bridge collapse is that the Francis Scott Key Bridge was the main route for hazardous materials (which aren't allowed to be transported through the tunnels)."

For those living in the area, let us know what's going on!


  1. Something Smells Like Shit!

  2. Replies
    1. Absolutely deliberate. Too many "coincidences" for it not to be. No pilot (required), not in the shipping lane (required), full moon creating highest tides and thus, fastest currents, absolutely vital bridge which will take years to repair, etc. This is how you attack the US. "Please continue to hold. More lies will be forthcoming shortly."

  3. This will also impact the Cruise Industry and their sailings out of Balto. The FSK bridge collapse will also make commuting for some folks a big old headache.
    We lived in Balto. for 4 years while in college and this is just another infrastructure failure in a city that has been plagued by problems since the 1970's.

    My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones in this event as those are the people who are devastated in all this.

  4. Reporting from Maine.

    Not sure what the consequences of the bridge collapse will be but we had a major winter storm over the past weekend. Largest snowfall of the entire winter where we live, freezing rain in the southern counties (ie; the ones where the majority of Mainers live). Many people were without power for up to 48 hrs.

    Two stories from my husbands' coworkers:
    One man and his son went to a sandwich shop to get something to eat (nothing at home). Had to wait 1 1/2 hours to get two sandwiches due to demand. Thought nothing of this and likely not to make any changes in how they live.

    The second person had a generator but had left it outside so had water in the gas and no fresh gas to replace it with. Had to drive about 20 min to Portland (Maine's largest city) before he could find a gas station that was open. Saw two accidents in the station's parking lot and said there were people yelling at one another in languages he didn't recognize. Again, likely learned nothing.

    Less than 2 days without power! For us, that's hardly worth mentioning...so many people are going to be hosed...


    1. The veneer of civility is astonishingly thin... Therefore, I prepare...

  5. I am concerned also about the hundreds of thousands of people in the area whose jobs depended on this port.

  6. My son in law works for the sugar plant. They are trying to figure out how to quickly change their systems around. They get all delivery's coming and going by ships. Very little is done by truck. Now they need everything by truck. Its seems like a logistic nightmare. Prayers for the workers lost.

  7. With news as inside out as it is, rarely speaking to the truth about events and so forth, I take great comfort in reading some our modern day prophetic voices. The office of a prophet will give encouragement to the Lord's people and wise perspective to events. I don't read or pay attention to most, but Hank Kunneman can give wise words and perspectives. He just released one about the bridge.
    He did not have a dream about the bridge.
    He had a dream about the Star Spangled Banner prior to the bridge collapse.
    One of his main "words" was basicly that eyes are being opened. People are beginning to "see".
    Another point was in the actual song, well, a lot was in the song.
    Our Star Spangled Banner still waves!

    We are in a fight. First and foremost, a spiritual fight. Our true enemy is the enemy of our soul. The things being manifested in the physical world around us, especially in our country, are alarming and devastating to our way of life and it's hard to know what to do.
    I was greatly encouraged by Hank's post.
    It is amazing to me to see our people unifying with all these tragic catastrophies. Yes, there's some polarization too, but unlikely sets of folks waking up and saying "we're Americans!" As in, "we are All Americans!"
    We're going to survive all this and come forth stronger. But guarding our hearts and mind is a big thing. We can't be lulled to sleep by MSM, but neither can we allow discouragement or fear take over our thoughts. Surely there's more crap coming. But we serve a mighty God, and He never fails. We 're going to have to rebuild with a sword in one hand and tools to rebuild in the other.
    Time to strap up.
    Maybe we should start singing The Star Spangled Banner every day like we did in school growing up ! And America the Beautiful! And the Pledge of Allegiance, and some hymns, and prayers. We took almost a whole hour starting our day in school with that stuff every day. I'm going to restart that habit. In the car, in the yard working, while cooking cleaning or bathing. There's plenty of time to fit it in. We need to strengthen our hearts and minds as another form of prep. The Word and prayer has long been my go to, but rebuilding the patriotism into that time is important. He is who our country is founded upon.