Monday, March 25, 2024

Help feed yourself? Can't argue

Don found this online: a war-era (1940) poster encouraging people to grow food:

In this era where governments are doing everything possible to shut down large and small farms (here and here, for just two small examples), which of course jeopardizes the food supply, this seems almost phenomenally wise.

A closer look at the fine print reveals the advice to "Grow vegetables and fruits if your soil is fertile and sunny" and "Can or preserve surplus perishables" and "Keep a flock of hens if your soil is not suitable for gardening."

Can't argue with these wise words. Everyone would do well to heed them ... despite government opposition to the basic human concept of feeding ourselves.


  1. "Keep a flock of hens SO YOU CAN MAKE your soil suitable for gardening". There, I fixed it.

  2. My mother, born in 1943, juuuuuust remembers the flock of chickens, including a mean rooster, my grandmother kept in NYC.

    1. My mother, born in 1927, talked about how horrible it was to have to share her bed and room with her grandmother. None of her friends had to share. Her mother, a Godly saint, talked about how blessed they were. That set of grandparents had jobs throughout the depression, and their extended families did not. They took all their loved ones in. They weren't rich or well off, but that grandmother said they were blessed to be able to provide for everyone, and there was always food on the table. There must have been a garden. There were several sets of adults and more children and I never saw those old people idle when I was a child. I just can't see a situation like that working if people aren't contributing.
      A mean rooster in NYC!
      Good thing there weren't HOA's back then. Things get bad some HOA's may have to lightn up. No rooster, no baby chickens to make more eggs and more baby chickens!

    2. My sister wouldn't mind backyard chickens--it would give her Pyrs something to guard, anyway--but the village she lives in (no HOA) bans chickens. Too bad.

  3. If only there weren't so many solar farms & instead raising food instead. To much farm land changed to housing & now solar panels.
    Debbie in MA