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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Winter isn't done with us yet

Typical for spring, we're alternating between nice warmish days of sunshine, and days of rain and/or wind. This morning we woke up to howling wind and snow. Wheee.

The flakes were flying sideways.

The vehicle was getting plastered. If I'd waited an hour longer to take these photos, the vehicle would have been even more plastered.

We have a stack of wooden pallets leaning against a barn pole. They got plastered too.

Our brave stand of daffodils, pushing up, also got plastered, poor dears.

The neighbors across the way were simply obliterated.

And now -- a few hours later -- everything's gone and we even have periods of weak sunshine (though the wind is still blowing). If you don't like the weather, wait five hours. Or something like that.


  1. You must have gotten the front that we are scheduled for Sat night. We were 80 degrees today and Sat night it is supposed to be 32 degrees. That is the way it is here in Texas in the spring, it depends on the wind direction what our temp is. from the south it is 80 from the north it is 30's.

  2. We are hunkering down here in the UP as it will be here tomorrow. Where's spring ? !---ken

  3. You’re not kidding Steve. I live in Amarillo. It was 93 today. Tomorrow’s high is 60, Saturday will be 58. I’ve lived here for 22 years and still never know what is to be expected!

    Ouida Gabriel

  4. Moved to North Idaho almost 40 years ago for a more independent life. Whenever anyone complains about the weather here, I say "if it were warm and sunny here today, this place would be paved over". No one so far has told me I'm nuts.

  5. A friend asked me if I had started my garden yet. Nope. It was 4 one morning last week and we've had snow every few days so the garden will wait awhile. I usually plant around Father's Day and hope everything doesn't freeze. Around here the saying is the weather keeps the riffraff away. We have had a few days pushing 60, then it's right back to cold/snow/wind. Sprinter...sigh.

  6. Always glad to see snow. Somewhere else.