Sunday, April 22, 2018

Happy Earth Day!

What shall I do on this Earth Day?

For all you cretins out there, today is Earth Day, the day everyone pretends to be green and virtuous and love their “Mother.”

Earth Day is now touted as the “world’s largest environmental movement” and is often characterized by mass gatherings of people who expended untold amounts of carbon to travel to Washington D.C. and protest the carbon footprints of everyone else (usually followed by photos of the amount of trash left in their wake).

Alternately, for those unwilling or unable to go to mass protests against environmental pollution, supporters can engage in something called “iActivism” in which they can tweet or post their disgust at pollution on social media, using their mass-produced electronics and the Internet Al Gore created. These tweets, of course, will make people think they’re actually doing something useful as they take pictures of themselves holding pieces of paper with “#hastagactivism” written on it.

Meanwhile protesters/supporters will laud the continued legalization of marijuana while condemning wheat or vegetable farmers, since apparently it’s “greener” to grow pot than to grow food. It’s the old “Leonardo DiCaprio has huge yachts, jets, and homes, and Al Gore has villas without solar panels. Where do they get off telling us what to do?” problem.

Yet apparently we, the Lewis family, are the hypocrites because we don’t support Earth Day twaddle. This, despite the fact that we don’t commute, don’t use disposables, have almost zero garbage output, never use our clothes dryer, have no personal electronics (except computers and one “dumb” phone), shop second-hand stores, heat with wood, keep our electricity usage between $30 and $50 every month (LED lights!), and otherwise subscribe to nearly every recommendation the environmentalists make.

But as “green” as these accomplishments may be, activists probably won’t approve. The difference, of course, is we support green living – not the green agenda. The green agenda is nothing more than a watermelon: green packaging around a red center. It’s socialism, prettily wrapped up in 100 percent recycled wrapping paper, with a communist bow on top and backed up by governmental force. Open that green package, and the gory red insides spill out: the blood of hundreds of millions people who have died from collectivist rĂ©gimes in the last century.

Somehow it’s become unacceptable to live green lifestyle without having a suitably militant red attitude.

Meanwhile, back on the farm, we’ll celebrate Earth Day by going about our ordinary lives: Feeding the livestock, planting peas and potatoes, gathering eggs, and living the life God intended for us. I can think of no finer celebration.


  1. I'm sure just a 1 in 365 chance that it falls on Lenin's birthday.

  2. No one is condemning wheat and vegetable farmers. (OMG man...where do you get this stuff)?

    Pot has proven to be a medicinal lifesaver for many and I'm sure they still appreciate their veggies and proteins.

    To be honest, I think the majority of people concerned about the earth...WOULD IN FACT APPLAUD YOUR LIFESTYLE and would love to have the same if they could. That's a sincere good on you!!!

    ...but there is no cause to condemn other people's efforts to save what they consider to be our most precious and pristine wilderness areas ...our sacred parks and the people's right to clean air and water.(Basically the EARTH)

    It's the smell of money (oil, coal & gas) that is the problem in our atmosphere(of which that despicable Al Gore was trying to convey). This, when its clear the money is in green energy.

    It's an oxymoron to know that it takes fuel and major clean up efforts to show protest for us to keep what used to be free and clean.

    It's the cost of change and the price of it WAY OUT-WEIGHS the outcome from doing absolutely nothing. J.

    1. First you praised support for Planned Parenthood. Now it's dumping fossil fuels for green energy and cleaning up the world.

      Just curious. Is there one cause you believe in that I as a taxpayer do not have to pay for?

      Dock Guy


    2. The article is about EARTH DAY...and yes, you already pay (twice) for outrageous subsidies just so you can be be poisoned in it.

      And yes, the EARTH'S future will also be in jeopardy if we don't stop populating it. Either way, you pay. J.

  3. Well said Patrice. I could not agree more. Which is why I do not celebrate but simply carry on day after day, do my part to conserve and treat the environment well.

  4. I would not have known that today is the celebrated birthday of Lenin, I mean earth day. I noticed on the trash photo the ton of styrofoam food containers piled high. I thought these were a big no no in the eyes of a true environmentalist. Granted they are traveling, but they could have gone to a store and purchased organic produce and foods packed in environmental friendly packaging. As I always told my kids, actions will always outweigh words. Well that's my rant I gotta go feed my chickens on my 14 acre lot and practice what I preach.

  5. That is a great analogy of the red centered watermelon and the green outside . If Lenin's birthday , excuse me , Earth day was so important to some folks perhaps they should protest in China or India where there really is some significant pollution problems. The folks in our area are mostly agricultural oriented and take care of the land because they derive their living from it .

  6. You don't think what happens in china won't affect us? News flash: WE'RE ALL CONNECTED!

  7. Earth Day! myself and 10 to 12 others believe it is meant for us to enjoy every year, so we take our monster 4x4's to the trails/woods and streams and tear it up. Earth Day? Really?

  8. Farmers were actually the first environmentalists. Small farmers, anyway. I see my farming neighbors firsthand using natural fertilizer (it stinks for about two days), planting cover crops, and fencing off the stream that runs out back so the cows can't get to it. I'm on a MUCH smaller scale, i.e. hand weeding my raised beds and dumping the chicken litter in the compost pile when I clean out the coop.

  9. I do the same (but I don't have cows). I will always consider myself a staunch environmentalist....and I will never stop fighting for Mother Earth. J.

  10. I give you a wonderful two thumbs up for that post! They had a trash cleanup in town, but being on a Sunday we could not go. I got some dirty looks on that one, but we have priorities and NONE of that trash came from me. Thank you for your wonderful blog!