Tuesday, April 3, 2018


This time of year, when the snow is off the ground but not much is growing yet, the feedboxes in the barn are a popular hangout.

The winter babies are learning to eat hay. I don't know if they particularly like it, but they're learning.

Like mother, like daughter: Sparky with Hickory.

The babies mouth the hay and delicately eat it, but at this age they vastly prefer mama's milk.

When I do the morning feeding, the babies eye me warily. To them, we're strange two-footed cows.

As you can see on this little guy, the dehorning scars are healing nicely.

The cows aren't the only ones who hang around the feedboxes.

It's no wonder we often find eggs in here.

Just a little snapshot of early spring around the homestead.


  1. Thanks for the photos; they remind of good times gone.

  2. pretty cute!
    the jerseys are already proving themselves to be the best choice in our area. thank you, Patrice,
    Grandma Kathy

  3. Sweet baby pictures! And chickens of course because who doesn't love them?!

  4. Ah, but they will learn...you are strange two footed cows who open gates and bring FEED!