Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Winter wonderland

Older Daughter and I bundled up, took snowshoes and the dog, and went walking in the snow on Sunday.

At first Lydia was wading through chest-deep snow. It was hard going for her -- she's no longer a spring chicken ...

... but after awhile we came across tracks from someone's ATV and the going was much easier on her.

Older Daughter has learned she prefers winters in Idaho over winters in New Jersey since conifers hold snow so much more beautifully than deciduous trees.

We stopped at the viewpoint we call "the overlook," and she plopped down in the snow to contemplate the vista overlooking the canyon...

...which, I'll admit, is a lovely view.

She wanted to get to a point on the trail where a branch bends over the path, so we trekked onward.

There's no question we were in a winter wonderland.

Then we came out of the woods and back onto the prairie.

We stopped on the road to remove our snowshoes, and Lydia was so tired she laid down right there.

Sadly, the next day I had to drop Older Daughter at the airport. (Due to delays, she didn't arrive back in New Jersey until 2 am Tuesday morning.)

After dropping her at the airport, I swung back into Coeur d'Alene to pick up Younger Daughter from her job. The downtown was beautifully lit up with Christmas lights.

It's hard to say goodbye to the holidays and to Older Daughter.


  1. Sometimes we just have to enjoy our family when we can, but that doesn't mean we have to LIKE it!

  2. Sometimes their visits are bittersweet, aren't they. Deborah

  3. Housewife from FinlandJanuary 5, 2017 at 3:42 AM

    I so envy you for having snow! I live in Finland (in northern Europe, that is) and we do not have snow jet on the coast where I live. -19c today, though...

    I just wanted to let you know that you have readers this far away. :) I adore your blog. You live exactly the kind of life me and my hubby dream of. I envy your pantry; at the moment we live in a flat, so we do not have that much room for home storage but I am doing my very best.

    I am sorry I do not have blogger ID or anything, but I use this nickname when I comment on foreign blogs so I am not commenting totally anonymiously. :)

    1. All the way from Finland! Welcome, and thank you.

      - Patrice

  4. Great pictures of GODS country. The middle of winter, with snow covering everything, the beautiful Christmas lights, etc make for the most beautiful time of then year. Nothing can beat a day watching a hard snow storm with big flakes falling.

    Understand how hard it is to see your oldest daughter leave after such a great holiday time. It must be difficult for her to leave GODS country for the east coast. The NE interior country can not be beat. (Easter WA, north ID & Western MT)

    Hope you folks are keeping warm and safe during this cold spell. Appears the snow will return by Sunday, for all of next week. More seat time on the snow removal equipment, Yea LOL .Do not need the high wind of the past few days

    Take care everyone.

  5. Love the pics.
    Love the walk with your older daughter.
    I am sure you miss her so much.

  6. Just about to say goodbye to my sailor boy, too. Won't see him for a good while as he is about to be deployed. Makes me teary.