Friday, January 20, 2017

Back to Basics Bundle (going fast)

This year I tried something new: I participated in a really really neat thing called the Back to Basics Bundle.

The idea behind this concept is to gather all kinds of nifty information from many different people into one big, affordable, convenient e-package. This year there are over 70 ebooks, online courses, and other miscellaneous offerings. Yowza, it’s cool.

So what kind of information is contained in this bundle? It has stuff for anyone interested in homesteading, rural living, etc.:
  • Cooking from scratch
  • Do-it-yourself
  • Food storage
  • Frugal living
  • Gardening
  • Homesteading
  • Natural parenting
  • Natural remedies
  • Preparedness
  • Simple living
Each of these categories contains an astounding amount of information. (Ahem. Yours truly contributed to the canning section.) The bundle also includes a one-year subscription to Molly Green, a homeschooling planner, a gardening coloring book, a three-month membership to the SchoolHouse Teachers website (300 online courses!), a 52-week preparedness guide, and – this is way cool – the newest book from Lisa Bedford (the Survival Mom) called “One Second After the Lights Go Out.”

The nice thing about this bundle is the writers are all hands-on experts in cooking or building or gardening or homeschooling. Most if not all have well-known websites (the Survival Mom, the Organic Prepper, etc.).

Frankly, for $29.97, you could do a lot worse, especially since you essentially get a whole self-reliance library in one fell swoop. You even have 30 days to review the material and get a refund if you aren’t happy.

For those who prefer to download things directly to their Kindle, instructions are here.

If your internet speed is slow, for an additional $25, Back 2 Basics can send you a flash drive loaded with everything. (This also means not only can you download the ebooks onto multiple computers, but you can reuse the flash drive.)

But I did something stupid on my end. This bundle is only sold for seven days, and five of those days are already gone. In other words, this bundle is only available through Sunday, January 22. My bad, I got caught up on lots of stuff this week and simply forgot to announce it.

So – if you’re interested in what I believe is an amazing deal with an impressive amount of information, click here. Download your info. Then let me know what you think. And happy reading!


  1. When I go to the website it shows the flash drive costs $30 not $25.

    1. The flash drive only is $54.97. I think you were looking at the online download AND the flash drive, which is $59.97.

      - Patrice

  2. I think you ment to say Sunday the 22nd not the 29th.

    1. Oops, you're right! Thanks, I've corrected.

      - Patrice