Saturday, January 21, 2017

For those in high places...

As the events of Inauguration Day unfolded yesterday morning, I found myself in the barn doing the usual morning chores.

I gave the chickens their feed and refilled their waterers. I cleaned the stall where elderly Matilda and her calf are spending a lot of time. I fed them. I filled the livestock water tank. I fed the rest of the livestock. And I thought about Trump taking office.

Literally a world of responsibilities now rest upon his shoulders (I pray he allows himself to be guided by God in handling those responsibilities). And I gave thanks those responsibilities are not mine.

Some people in high office (Hillary comes to mind) may look down upon those of us who shovel cow patties around for a living, but I vastly prefer these humble duties. There are those born to rule others, and those born to rule only themselves. I am firmly of the latter, not the former.

The decisions of a president can affect millions of lives. The decisions of a north Idaho housewife affect very few.

Just some thoughts on a winter morning.


  1. I watched the swearing in ceremonies. Everywhere I looked I saw political Sadducees and Pharisees. Christ was not represented.

    I’m sticking with our Founders who demanded, 'No King but King Jesus'. I pray for a new Christian nation to arise from the ashes of this fallen nation.

    Montana Guy

  2. Looking at all the finery, makeup, and coiffures, it all screams "Hunger Games".

  3. No, only those born that want to rule others.

  4. How funny, I also was busy cleaning up after critters. There is a lot of chicken poop when they get closed up every evening. And while I was doing these chores I also thought of our new president and pray he is able to make wise decisions. I hope those absent Congress members get their come uppins, and they will.

  5. Praying for change in our nation. I don't want my grandchildren growing up in a nation where Occupy Wallstreet, Black Lives Matter, Anti-police agitators and the like are celebrated by a large part of the nation. I don't want them becoming a snowflake college student who can't deal with the real world. Even though Trump wasn't my first choice, I will pray that he can make a serious dent in the corruption that has become our political system.

  6. Congrats. You just bought yourself an arrogant wannabe dictator. When war breaks out again, I hope you'll be the first one to sign up to fight.

    1. I'm sorry you're so confused. The arrogant wannabe dictator has LEFT the building. He got one more free ride on Marine One as they dropped him off at the bus station.

  7. On a side note: I was curious and rather disappointed at the seemingly smaller turnout for Trump's inauguration as opposed to Obama's.

    But then it occurred to me - Trump supporters actually have to go to WORK to feed their families and obviously couldn't afford to take even one day off.

    There... I figured it out!

  8. That must be another one of Trump's "alternative facts." He certainly has a lot of them.